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Two Decades Of Social & Spiritual Works Of Dr. Madhu Krishan Transformed Multitudes To become Peace Builders & Humanitarian Workers

Dr. Madhu Krishan’s Remarkable Social Works from last Two Decades Appriciated At National & International Levels.

Dr. Madhu Krishan Representing before Hon’ble Prime Minister Of India, & Madam Soina Gandhi, The Chairperson of UPA & National Advisory Council, India.

(Courtesy Photographs by IP& T Department, PM & UPA Chairperson's Office.)

Achievements & Awards:-

Name With Biography Of Dr. Madhu Krishan, Recorded In The Prestigious Book Of:-

a). Asian- American Who’s Who Book in
Page No. 275- 276, 5th Vol. 2008

b). Asia- Pacific Who’s Who Book in page No. 374, 7th Vol. 2007c).

C). Indo- Asian Who’s Who Book in page No. 264, 7th Vol. 2007.


Humanitarian Awards:

CERTIFICATE AWARD Given , For The Best Relief &Rehabilitation Works Done during The Tsunami Disaster 0f 26th Dec'2004.


(1): Bharath Excellence Award & Gold Medal -2006

(2): Rashtriya Jewel Award & Gold Medal-2006

(3): Human Excellence Awards & Gold Medal-2006


(1): Best Environmental Engineering Scientist Award-Glory Of India

International Award & Gold Medal- 1997

(2): Rising Personality of India Award & Gold Medal- 2007

(3): Lifetime Achievement Award & Gold Medal- 2007

(4): Indian Golden Achiever Award & Gold Medal-2007

(5): Arch of Excellence Award & Gold Medal-2007

(6): International Excellence Award for Best Construction Engg

Management Award- 2008

(7): International Human Excellence Award & Gold Medal-2008

Some Important works Carried out By Dr. Madhu Krishan during the last three Years in various Parts Of India like, South India, Chatishgarh, Punjab etc & also over Seas.

Dr. Madhu Krishan Transforming multitudes in Remote Chattis Garh Area for more than Two Years in association with Dr. Christopher Wesley & Dr Anil Chauhan. It was covered by Leading News paper of Chatisgarh on 12th March 2009. Former Chief Minister Of Chatisgar Mr Ajit Jogi also in the Picture

Dr. Madhu Krishan Getting The Highest Nobility Award , which was also covered by HINDU NEWS Paper of 20th December 2009, Under the Caption, " Nobility Award To Six Eminent Persons & many TV. News Channel.Madhu Krishan was Chosen for this Awrds for his remarkable Works in the Field Of Environmental Engineering In Humanitarian Works & Disaster Managements.

Madhu Krishan's Commendable works Of Developing a Model Transformed Village Of Peace Loving & Peace Living & Peace Practicing Community; In Maharashtra & Gujarat were Covered by a Leading News Paper in Mumbai last Year

Dr. Madhu Krishan As International Governor & Vice Chancellor Of USA , Florida Based University , adopted some Indian Universities For Higher Quality Ph.D In USA. In the News paper cutings, Dr Madhu Krishan As Chief Guest Honouring the Dr. Punyiako, Vice
Chancellor Of Government Bhartidasan University Of Trichy
This program was Covered By Indian Express, Hindu, Dinathandi, &
many leading National & International News Papers & TV Channels
last Year.

Dr. Madhu Krishan as Chief Guest In Hon’ble Prime Minister’s National Knowledge Commission, (In the Photo, famous Hindi Film Star “Thistha Kapoor” Amir Khan’s Picture TARA GAMIN KEE”. This Program was in the Month Of Feb’2009 ; gave Awards to many Vice Chancellors, HOD Professors Of Various Universities.

Dr. Madhu Krishan in association with his Team Dr. Narayan & Dr Manoharan, Motivated & Transformed more than 30,000 Women & Provided them the Livelihood In & around Trichy , Madurai , Tamilnadu Area . In the Photo Dr. Madhu Krishan along with Senior Govt. Officers, MPs ,MLAs & Eminent Persons .

Similar Motivational Program for three Years was done at Madurai Area Of
Tamilnadu. These photos are taken from News Papers cuttings of
Tamilnadu & also from other Leading Papers & Magazines

Dr.Madhu Krishan addressing in Peace Conference, at Chennai, Transforming multitudes Youths as Peace Ambassadors.

Dr. Madhu Krishan As Chief Guest In Empowerment Of NGOs & PRIs in Trichy, Tamilnadu . The Hon'ble Minister of Tamilnadu Mr. Nehru also in the Program .

Dr. Madhu Krishan carried out several works in Tamilnadu Under the Aegis Of Central Government , Ministry Of Rural Development , Central Govt. Order/Notification Number,-W-11045/2/2008/CRSP,Dated 17th-3-08 . He was welcomed by Zilla Parishad's Chairpersons, DC, MLAs of the Respective ares of Tamilnadu & under the Signature & Recommendation Of Dr. Madhu Krishan only ,the District Collectors, Blocks, & Panchyats were selected for the Hon'ble President Of India Award

Dr. Madhu Krishan In Kazipet Stadium, Andhra, Address in Peace Conference when there was Telengana Issues . A huge multitudes participated

Dr.Madhu Krishan at India-Pakistan Border, News Covered in Leading Panjabi News Paper & TV Channel, Trained & Transformed more than 500 As Peace Ambassadors

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Dr.Madhu Krishan , Dr.Harpreet Singh Deol, & Dr.Gursharan Kaur, Director, Women Empowerment, In Koojewalla, Kapurthalla, Punjab, North India

Dr. Madhu Krishan’s Remarkable Works During Tsunami Disaster

Many Permanent Earth Quake Resistant Houses with Community Halls were built & donated freely to the Tsunami Victims of Andamanis Community (more Than 500 in between Chouldhari , Ograbranch, Mitha Khari Namuna Ghar, Kanyapuram, Bamboflat,etc & more than 3000 in mainland of India & 5000 in Srilanka.

The Earth quake Resistant Shelters for Tsunami Victims at Namunaghar , Port Blair which was built by Dr. Madhu Krishan was a model for all .

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