Saturday, August 27, 2011

His Eminence Dr.Madhu Krishan,The Founder & Chairman Of Academy Of Universal Global Peace (AUGP) Conferred Mr.Shefki Hysa & Mrs.Dylbere Dika with Doctorate Degree (Honiris Causa)

Mr. Shefki Hysa The Hon’ble Governor Of  Diplomatic Mission - Peace and Prosperity (A mix Foreign Diplomatic Mission) & its Director  Dr.Dylbere Dika are Conferred with Doctorate Degree (Honoris Causa)  in International Diplomacy By His Eminence Most Rev.Dr.Madhu Krishan, The Founder & Chairman Of AUGP .                                                                                           
He(Mr.Shefki Hysa)  is journalist in the newspaper “Çamëria” &  editor in chief in the newspapers “Kombi” and “Dielli” and Director of the Publishing House “Bilal Xhaferri” & also   leads the Cultural Association “Bilal Xhaferri” (Cultural Community of Chameria)&  is the secretary of Albania Writers and Artists League. He is  specialist in the Albanian Assembly .
He  has published several books & a few of them are such as  “Turtledove and the devil”, “Slaves of peace”,  “Cursed Paradise”, “Confessions of a thief”,  “Chameria’s flavor”, “False Miracles”,

He is  the editor in chief of  the magazine “Krahu i Shqiponjës” (Eagle’s Wing), monthly political, cultural, literary and social, of Chameria.
& also  published the publicistic summary “Diplomacy of self-denial”.
He is already a Postgraduate,  specialization in the field of journalism, publications, parliamentary, diplomacy, public relations and international relations.

Mrs. Dylbere is the Director Of Diplomatic Mission –Peace & Prosperity  .She is editor in the Publishing House “Bilal Xhaferri”, Tirana &  journalist in the magazine “Krahu i Shqiponjës” (Eagle’s Wing). She Publishes the Book  “The Sold Paradise”&  “The Day Dies”.She is already a Postgraduate with  specializations in the field of journalism and publications.

In reorganization of all their great work, The Board of International Governing Council of Academy Of Universal Global Peace (AUGP) recommended their names for the Doctorate Degree in International Diplomacy (Honoris Causa) .

His Eminence Dr.Madhu Krishan,The Founder & Chairman Of Academy Of Universal Global Peace Conferred both of them with Doctorate Degree (Honiris Causa)  & also inducted Dr.Shefiki Hysa in the Board of International Governor Of AUGP & Dr. Dylbere Dika as Director of International Diplomacy of AUGP .

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