Friday, July 13, 2012

His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan Conferred Doctorate Degree To His Imperial Highness Prince Royal Arch-Duke- Javier otto Jorge Gold-Ferrari, Archbishop - Head of Name and Arms of the Royal House Gold-Ferrari

His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan  The Founder & Chairman Of Academy Of Universal Global Peace- ( AUGP ) Confered Doctorate Degree  To  His Imperial Highness Prince Royal Arch-Duke- Javier otto Jorge Gold-Ferrari, Archbishop
Head of Name and Arms of the Royal House Gold-Ferrari. On The Recommendation & Resolution  Passed By The World Governing Council Of AUGP.

His Royal Highness Don Javier Otto Jorge Gold Ferrari

 His Imperial Highness Prince Royal Arch-Duke- Javier otto Jorge Gold-Ferrari, Archbishop Head of Name and Arms of the Royal House Gold-Ferrarih, is the Head of the Princely-Ducal House Gold Ferrari Rurikovich, the Sovereign Grand Master of the Order of Gold Ferrari, the Most Serene Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of Knight King Christ,
Don Javier Otto Jorge Gold Ferrari is also the Honorary President of the Canadian Nobility Association and is also holding countless honorary memberships in Orders of Knighthood, among them Grand Prior for Peru for the Imperial Order Constantine the Great, and many more. He is a member in the “Assembly of Princes” in Russia and the Archbishop of Latin America of the Nova Church of Sacred Russia as well as the representative of the Nova Church of Sacred Russia in the Western hemisphere.

For his involvements in worldwide charity work he was chosen “Ambassador of Goodwill” for SPMUDA  International.

Academically His Royal Highness  is holding 9 Doctorate or Post doctorate degrees in Psychoanalysis, Philosophy, Theology, Divinity, Marketing, Civil Law, Canonical justice, International Economics, Business Administration and History, is an Honorary Professor and Dean for 3 Universities, and was honored so ar with 10 Honorary Doctorates from various Universities and Institutions from USA, Brazil, Italy, France and Spain.

Su Alteza Imperial l Principe Prof. Dr.Fr. ++ Javier Otto Jorge Gold Ferrari,Ph.D;
Head of Name and Arms of the IMPERIAL House Gold-Ferrari-Ruricovich;
.Miembro del Fondo de los Principes y de la Asamblea.
.Prorector Mundial Universidad Emill Brunner.
.Prorector Mundial Universidad Anselmo de Aosta.
Prorector Mundial Fatenovi-Facultad de teologia Nueva Vida.
Doctorado en Diplomacia y Relaciones Humanas
Doctorado ,Economia internacional y Administracion de Empresas.
Doctorado y Post Doctorado en Teologia.
Doctorado en Divinidad.
Doctorado en Psicoanalisis.
Doctorado en justicia canonica. .
Doctorado en Letras.
International Governor Peru AUGP
Doctorado University International Cambridge.
Doctorado en Ciencias Criminales PhD.
.Doctor Honoris Causa en Humanidad Por La Academia.
Brasilera de Ciencia Politica..
Mienbro Academico de Numero de la Academia Heraldica Saint Paul.
Mienbro Honorario de The Canadian Health Sciences Institute
. Principe de Gold Ferrari..Rurikovich .
.Archiduque Royal de Sezibwan
Duque de Sezibwan

Duque de Gold Ferrari Rurikovich
Serenisimo Soberano Gran Maestre Serene Sovereign Order Knight of King Christ.
Serenísimo Soberano Gran Maestre de la Orden de Gold Ferrari..
Presidente Asociacion de Nobles De Canada..
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Published By:-
H.E. Sir Matthias Friedrich Bork
Count of Abenheym
Count of the Grand-Ducal August House of Rurikovich
Founder of the Canadian Nobility Association
Knight & Grand Officer, Serene Sovereign Order Knight King Christ
Knight, Poor Knights of Christ from the Temple of Salomon in Jerusalem
Ambassador of Peace and Humanity, SPMUDA International
Datuk & Royal Cultural Ambassador for the Royal Hashemite Sultanate of Sulu & Sabah
International Governor Canada for AUGP
Secretary and Personal Assistant to His Highness Princely Duke Javier Otto Gold Ferrari Ph.D.
Dr.hc Visual Arts, Emill Brunner University
Dr.hc Humanity, AUGP


  1. Congratulations dear Brother. H.I.H. Grand Sovereign Prince Jeffery I Rex-Imp. Sezibwan.