Friday, November 13, 2015

His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan, The Eminent Scientist and The Global Leader Of PEACE, The Founder & Chairman Of AUGP , Gets The Prayer Support Of More Than 80 Crores Of People Across The World For His Speedy Recovery After His Liver Transplant Surgery(Due to His HCC Liver Cancer) On 13 October'2015 At Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, India. - UPDATES
Dr. Madhu Krishan, The Founder & Chairman Of AUGP, Along With The Governor Of Diplomatic Mission ; DMPP Europe, Dr. Shefki Hysa;  Conferring The Doctorate Degree To  The Director General Of Health Department /Authority Of  Government Of Republic Of Albania, Dr. Lilijana Ramasaco 

On Behalf Of His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan, The Founder & Chairman Of AUGP; The HQ Of AUGP ,Central Command  HQ  At New York, USA, Publish That, We acknowledge The Receipt Of Flower Bouquet Sent  all the way from Balkan Nation -  Albania, Western Europe,  By One Of Our Alumni Dr. Lilijana Ramasaco, The Then Director General Of Health Department /Authority Of  Government Of Republic Of Albania ,( And Her Family -  Husband  Mr.Adrian Ramasaço ,Daughter - Greis Ramasaço ,Son- Arlin Ramasaço & All Diplomatic Mission DMPP Family Headed By Governor –Dr. Shefki Hysa);  Which was Received By  Dr. Madhu Krishan’s  Daughter  Angel Payal Mahima In Manipal Hospital Bangalore, India As Dr. Madhu Krishan is Still in The Recovery Process after his Liver Transplant  which was done on 13th October ‘2015 At Manipal Hospital since Dr. Madhu Krishan was suffering from HCC Liver Cancer from past two Years . For Detail News, Kindly see the News Links

We all The Huge Family Of AUGP  In All 77 Branches In 77 Nations  & The Family Of Dr. Madhu Krishan , His Wife  Mrs. Protima Madhu Krishan, Daughter – Angel Payal Mahima, Son Mr. Pankaj Jacob, EXPRESS OUR THANKS & GRATITUDE TO Dr. Lilijana Ramasaco & her Family & DMPP  family  for her Flower Bouquet Greetings & Prayer support  for the Speedy Recovery of Dr. Madhu Krishan.
Dr. Madhu Krishan Is Welcomed Through Flower Boquet  By  Dr. Baftjar Zeqaj, Mayor of Fier, Mr. Pellumb Kulla ,The Ambassador of United Nations , From New York, Dr. Liljana Shyqyriu Ramasaco , The Then  Director General Of Health Authority Of  Republic Of Albania & Other Parliamentarians & Corporators Etc Of Balkan Nations.
Along with Dr. Lilijana & Whole Of Diplomatic Mission – DMPP Family Headed by Dr. Shefki Hysa,( where in His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan is also as Honry. Chairman Of Diplomatic Mission DMPP ); 

We also Express our Thanks & Gratitude to all Those More Than 80 Crores of People, including Heads of Organizations, States, Panchyats, Parliamentarians, Academicians,etc ( With our Special Regards & Gratitude to Hon'ble HRH. Dr. DATU CAMAD M ALI INTERNATIONAL GOVERNOR OF AUGP IN ASIA & Founder President Of SPMUDA INTERNATIONAL, The Collaborators, Associates & Partners Of AUGP  ); For His Publication Of Two Very Heart Touching Videos Regarding The Updates Of Dr. Madhu Krishan . See The Video Link


,   Who ALL FROM VARIOUS PARTS OF THE WORLD Responded through email, phones, social medias, notification in our web sites, hits of our official web site & news/blogs, by sending Videos  &  gave their Prayer support To our Dynamic Global Leader Dr. Madhu Krishan , An Eminent Scientist &  GLOBAL PEACE BUILDER , Impacting The Multitudes in 77 Nations  With The NOBLE CAUSE & AGENDA OF - Establishing Global Peace To Build up -"PEACE LOVING - PEACE LIVING - PEACE PRACTICING" Transformed Harmonious  PEACE CULTURED Civilization & Global Peace Community, Cultivating the Holistic Attitude of “UNITY AMONG DIVERSITY” ; through  Teaching & Intense Training to Build up Master Trainers & Master Peace Builders For SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF NATIONS .

As an UPDATE , After The Post Surgery, Dr. Madhu Krishan's Health is rapidly improving & as per his last Blood Report & Other Medical Tests , all the Readings have come to Normal & the New Liver is Functioning absolutely PERFECTLY .
We all Sincerely Pray For The Family Of The DONOR OF LIVER , A 23 Years old Male who met with an accident & was in RTA 2 Weeks ICU Stay in another Distant Place in another Hospital at Karnataka.Let The Abundance Of Blessings Of Almighty GOD THE CREATOR  Be Upon All The Family Members Of The DONOR OF LIVER

We all The Family Of AUGP In HQ At New York USA and also All The Branches In 77 Nations Through All Our International Governors and International Directors Of AUGP  also Express Our Sincerest Thanks with Gratitude To Dr. A. Olith Selvan  The Chairman Of Liver Transplant Department Of Mani Pal Hospital ,Bangalore City, India & to its Team of Expert Doctors  Dr. Ravichand Siddachari Chief Liver Transplant Surgeon  & Dr. Magnus Jayaraj Mansard , Surgeon Liver  Transplant  For performing The Successful  Liver Transplant Surgery of 14 Hours Continuously on 13th Of October in Manipal Hospital ,Bangalore City, India  . 

On 13th October'2015, A Team of  Doctors Lead By The Consultant and senior Surgeon Dr. Magnus Jayaraj Mansard  of Liver Transplant Department Of Manipal Hospital , Explanted The Liver From Donor from a Distant Place - Hospital in Karnataka  & Brought The Liver Of The Donor To Manipal Hospital  applying all The  International Standard Steps which was a Remarkable Job . The DDLT was done by   Dr. Ravichand Siddachari Chief Liver Transplant Surgeon  & Dr. Magnus Jayaraj Mansard ,  Senior Surgeon & Consultant , Liver  Transplant . 

We also Espress our Thanks & Gratitude To All The Top Management Of Manipal Hospital Like  Dr. H. Sudarshan Ballal The Chairman -Medical Advisory Board & Medical Director  and The whole of the Management of   Manipal Hospital, Including all the Nurses & Staffs of MICU & Oncology Ward 6th Floor Of Manipal Hospital   

   Posted By  :-
Dr.David  Olivencia,Phd.
International Governor Of Academy Of Universal Global Peace  - “AUGP”

Dr.S  Kiwi Kalloo
International Director (Central Admin )
Academy of Universal Global Peace – “AUGP” in USA,
AUGP  Central Admin Office In New York,
359 St.Nicholas Ave,2nd fl,
RIDG EWOOD(Queens),Ny 11385


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