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The Eminent Scientist His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan ,Ordain H.E. El Moetasem Bellah Omer Mohamed Faraq as " AMBASSADOR AT LARGE " In EGYPT

The Eminent Scientist  His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan ,The Founder & Chairman Of " ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE" - AUGP, On the Basis of the Resolution Passed By The Governors of  AUGP in 77 Nations Of The World Governing Council ; was Pleased to Honour & Ordain H.E. El Moetasem Bellah Omer Mohamed Faraq as " AMBASSADOR AT LARGE "  Of PEACE & HUMANITY  In EGYPT.His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan also Conferred  Upon H.E. El Moetasem Bellah Omer Mohamed Faraq The  Doctorate Degree In PEACE & HUMANITY    

 El Moetasem Bellah Omer Mohamed Faraq 

Some Of The Credentials 

Graduate studies :
1-Honorary PhD in "Press and Media" excellent degree -the British Academy and the College of Cambridge.
2- Honorary PhD in "Press and Media" excellent degree International University of America for specialized studies (Los Angeles, USA)
3- Master degree in professional "press and media" University of Cairo and a binder from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
4-Approved professional diploma in "the press and the media," University of Cairo.
5- A professional diploma in "Media and the preparation and submission of television programs" University of Cairo
6-master degree in Arbitration International Media from International Academy of International Arbitration.
1- Diploma in "Setting the political leaders, strategic planning, crisis management and ways to address them," University of Cairo and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Council of Arab Unity and International Cooperation and the Institute of Diplomatic Studies Council of Arab unity and the International Organization for Development and Human Rights.
2- Professional Diploma in "advisers to prepare Arab and international arbitration in the field of investment disputes and intellectual property contracts" -the International Arbitration and the American Institute for Training and Development and the Arab Council for Graduate Studies and Research.
3- Diploma in human development (creative thinking - Time Management - body language) British Academy and the College of Cambridge. 
4- Diploma in human resources ( recruitment - Development and Planning - Project Management ) British Academy and the College of Cambridge .
5 - Diploma in (System analysis - MOS - ICDL - auto Cad3d - photoshop) British Academy and the College of Cambridge . 
6 -Diploma in (peach tree - American journal - Excel2010) . British Academy and the College of Cambridge . 
7 - Diploma in Business Administration. British Academy and the College of Cambridge . 

Traning :

2 - secretarial courses (General Secretariat - Private - specialized)
3 courses - Business Administration (Management Front desk - facilities management - management companies - public administration - special management - Crisis Management).

Other courses :

1 - Human Development cycles : Cycle "one more step" from the center of Daanmax Egypt.
2 - cycle program about young party leaders see the youth party for anti-terrorism law .... Faculty of Economics and Political Science - Cairo University 2007.
3 - Cycle unit studies and preparation of youth leaders on the subject of youth and issues of national identity ... Faculty of Economics and Political Science - Cairo University 2009.
4 - Cycle of legal frameworks and judicial oversight for the protection of human rights and public freedoms. Of the Arab Organization for Administrative Development.
5 - Setup adviser to Arab and international arbitration in the field of investment disputes and intellectual property contracts . From the center of the development of natural and human resources at the Institute of African Research and Studies - University of Cairo.

Courses in the field of media and journalism:
Directed news cycle very good grade in 2009.
The course includes "writing titles - Font size - the division of the Metn - images."
edit a news cycle in very good estimate in 2006 and 2010.
The course includes "How to Write": (news reports, news reporting and in vivo investigation -profile - article).
A training course in the press and media coverage in 2009
Intensive course on the skills of research and analysis in the media appreciated the privilege of May 2013
Professional Experience :
*ambassador for peace in the Arab World member of the Council of Ambassadors of Arab Unity and International Cooperation.
* Vice President of the Office of the fight against financial and administrative corruption and money laundering in the Arab World.
* Goodwill Ambassador and diplomatic relations, human rights and world peace around the world, a mission of peace and diplomatic relations, and the International Council for Human Rights, arbitration and Political and Strategic Studies ..
* Ambassador to the Organization of the international coalition for the defense of rights and freedoms in France.
* Vice President of the International Organization for the Defense of the Rights of the Child (Protection) and its official spokesman.
*Member of the Union mediators, England (Consultant settlement and the settlement of disputes).
* Member of the top advisory body of the Organization of Arab public relations and public diplomacy.

* Member of the Board of Directors and a consultant to the EU in El Barkia El Tunisiaand and El Mawaed newspapers 
* Member of the Arab Union for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights at the Arab League.

* Member of the Arab Union for Youth and Environment

* Member of the Secretariat of the Council of scientist of Egypt

* Vice-President of the Council of Arab scientist and policymakers (previously).

* Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations and Diplomacy Union qualitative development of sports and youth welfare.
* Media adviser for External Relations of the Academy of Cambridge.

*Media adviser to President-General of the International Council for the Islamic world

* Expert diplomatic and consular relations "license" *adviser to international arbitration.

* External Relations Adviser "license"

* Advisor to international arbitration. "License"

* Member of the International Organization for Development and Human Rights
* Member of the Arab Union for Sustainable Development and the Environment

*Member of the Organization of Arab parliaments and peoples.

* Member of the General Union of advisors international arbitration

*Member of the issues Egypt.

* Representative of the International Federation of the Arab press

* Member of the Union of Arab journalists

* Member of the World Federation of journalism and advertising, communication and radio and television careers 

* Supervisor General of the El etegah El Moaakes newspaper (London) in the Arab World

* General supervisor of the newspaper News of young people in the Arab World

* Executive editor of the newspaper, the eyes of the international fact

* Member of the General Union of the press and the media in Cairo.

* Member of the Egyptian union of electronic media in Cairo

*Editor and reporter and media with many newspapers

* International arbitrator supported the Egyptian Center for advisors international arbitration

* Experience:

posted articles in many newspapers as
Al Masry Al Youm , " .
the site of an Arab journalist , 
the seventh day , 
Journal of Egypt's youth ,.
The German Cultural Center .
* electronic newspaper sites to Egypt Youth Party .
* site and global news agency Euro Arab Press.
* site echo news agency .
* Newspaper Website evening .
* News site level .
* News site Assiut .
* site News Online.
* site standing international media and global .
* Network Jerusalem .
* Agency described the Palestinian news agency.
* Mishkat network .
* Arabic Network necklace .
* see the electronic newspaper
* Fdfdah electronic newspaper .

Paper newspapers that worked out :
* newspaper youth level .
* International Journal truth eyes .
* newspaper people sword .
* newspaper message south.
* newspaper of the Arabian Peninsula .
*conservative newspaper ( partisan ) .
* newspaper Lights ( partisan ) .
* Egypt's youth newspaper ( partisan ) .

Hobbies and skills :
Proficiency in writing press releases ( news - report - achieve - Feature - profile ) .
Proficiency in the use of computers and the Internet.
Reading in the general areas of cultural , literary and scientific different .
interested in the science of human development.
Ability to work under high pressure and periods of continuous work .
The ability to self-learning and gain more experiences , skills and knowledge. 

By The Secretary Of  El Moetasem Bellah Omer Mohamed Farag. after His approval 

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