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His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan and All the Governors of AUGP USA & UNUGP from all it's Branches in 77 Countries have Congratulated Rev.Fr.Dr.Shibu Varghese Palayathil Chacko(Fr.P.S.Varghese) for his book , namely " Peace and reconciliation in community life "

His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan , Founder Chairman Of  ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL  GLOBAL PEACE USA (AUGP USA) & CHAIRMAN CUM RECTOR OF UNITED NATIONS UNIVERSITY FOR GLOBAL PEACE – USA  (  UNUGP  USA   )  , Cum The Chairman Of UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION  ( UNGDO )  & The Honry. Chairman Of DIPLOMATIC MISSION ;  in continuation of  his Passion of Transforming Multitudes as PEACE BUILDERS cum NATION BUILDERS  & Building Up A Transformed Civilization Of “ PEACE  LIVING – PEACE LIVING – PEACE  PRACTICING” World Wide  Awarded many  Top Heads of Institutions, Universities Vice Chancellors ,Top Peace  Educators , Peace Builders, Nation & Nations Builders ,etc, etc,  with Gold Medals, Awards, Trophies, Certificates ,  After The International Seminar On “ ESTABLISHING GLOBAL PEACE TO MAKE NATIONS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPED & STRONG “  to support UN SDGs Goal 2030, . Event was organized in  Calcutta City - The City Of Mother Teresa  An Ambassador Of Global Peace .
Rev.Fr.Dr.Shibu Varghese Palayathil Chacko(Fr.P.S.Varghese) was also one among the Awardees 
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His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan  and All the Governors Of it's Branches in 77 Countries have  expressed  Congratulated with gratitude to Rev.Fr.Dr.Shibu Varghese Palayathil Chacko(Fr.P.S.Varghese)  for his book  On PEACE , namely " Peace and reconciliation in community life " which is in the process of publication. 

Blessings to Rev.Fr.Dr.Shibu Varghese Palayathil Chacko(Fr.P.S.Varghese), in the name of  our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ & Greetings  from  our Inter – Governmental Organizations ,
האוניברסיטה לשלום גלובלי The United Nations University for Global Peace, USA(  .

Peace and Reconciliation is a major subject for study and research in most of the Universities across the Globe. We too give utmost importance to Peace Studies also working in the conflict and war affected area to bring peace and harmony among the people. Jesus teaching of peace and love is the real inspiration behind all our work. Where there is a peace loving human being they can change the world with their word and deeds. Peace and Reconciliation are two sides of same coin. It has to work hand in hand. To live and nurture the world, human beings must live in peace. Often we speak about soft skills, for the proper communication healthy relations, harmony and for peaceful coexistence. In my view to live in Peace and to practice it are also important soft skills that we must learn from our educational system.

From 2004 onwards Fr.P.S.Varghese worked among the Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs) of Kokrajhar, Assam for peace mission. He had been sent there from his seminary as part of his field mission. (STOTS,Nagpur). Initially the assignment was for 6 months in collaboration with Lutheran World Service-India(LWS-I). On completion of the 6 months project, up on his request and the request of the LWSI office it was extended to 6 more months. Very passionately and with a strong conviction he worked for peace and reconciliation mission and continued in the areas of Kokrajhar, Bongaigaon, Gosaigaon etc. Based on his experience he came up with a thesis as partial fulfilment of his Bachelor of Christian Studies (BCS) titled “Biblical and Theological Appraisal of Peace and Reconciliation in Community Life and its implication of the people of Assam Riot Victims Rehabilitation Program(ARRP) in Kokrajhar(Dist.), Assam”.

The Chapters well speak about the content of the book like General and Etymological study of peace and reconciliation, Peace and reconciliation in the Scripture, Peace and reconciliation in community life. Major studies conducted in the field of Peace and reconciliation is well planned and gives immense knowledge to the readers. 

Along with regular assignments of Church and College, he has continued his peace mission with local communities of Nagaland, where really peace is needed which impressed us a lot. Though Nagaland is a Christian state, it is still deficient in implementing Christian Values in their socio, economic and cultural aspects of life.  In this context he modified his BCS thesis as per the need of the hour.  Heritage Publishers, a leading publishing company of Dimapur has come forward to publish it. Definitely it will be a feather in their achievement as they are the pioneers in this field of entire Nagaland. 

For his continuous Peace mission and Value education UNUGP-USA honoured him with PhD
(Honoris Causa) in Peace and Value Education, on 22nd September 2018 at Kolkata Science City auditorium in its first Asia Pacific convocation programme. On behalf of the University, I dispensed the award and Honorary Doctorate on the impressive occasion.  It is  our prayer that let Fr.Dr.P.S.Varghese continue his peace mission and contribute more to the world.

World Achievers Foundation, a think-tank has honoured him with ‘Human Excellence Award-2018”. On the recommendation of Academy of Universal Global Peace-USA (AUGP), established in 1985, An Inter – Governmental Organization An ISO 2008:9001 Certified by UK &  duly certified by Federal Government of USA and accredited by United Nations &  many other Inter –Governmental & Governmental Accreditation Authorities World Wide . This University is relentlessly working for
global peace. Earnestly recognizing peace thinking and peace loving brains with primary focus of helping such scholars to carry out doctoral research into Peace and Conflict studies and build competencies of peace activists worldwide. AUGP USA is Headquartered in New Jersey, supported by a panel of Experts and Advisors with one residential campus and research Centres in over 77 countries. He has been awarded with “Golden Award of Human Excellence” for his excellent contribution in establishing Global peace is yet another remarkable achievement. 

Our Both The  Inter – Governmental Organisation are Legally Incorporated by the Federal Government of  USA  with respective Registration Numbers. 010104001 , Registered Under USA /IRS No. 82777778/CP575 SA   And 360664  IRS under 501 (c) (3) ; Federal Tax Of USA  EIN Registration No 0235163491 ;   We are working together to Build a Transformed Civilization Of “ PEACE LOVING – PEACE LIVING – PEACE PRACTICNG”  , Transforming more than 30,000 Peace Builders Every Year through our educational Programs. Received Life Time Achievement Award From Hon’ble President Of USA Mr. Barack Obama in the Year 2016 for our incredible Works in more than 77 Countries from past 30 Year and received many other prestigious Awards & reorganizations from many Countries .  We train Global peace leaders for tomorrow. Through active peace engagement only we could be able to come out of life sacredness to make the world as one family for everyone (Vasudaiva kutumbakam).

Our aim is to build and create a  Transformed Peace Cultured Global community for the welfare of mankind irrespective of caste, creed and colours beyond any boundaries. Let the Almighty God bless him abundantly to work along with other peace loving, living and practicing community. We wish him and the readers all the blessings. Let peace prevail everywhere.

His Eminence Prof. Most Rev.Dr.Madhu Krishan                                                                      Patriarch,                                                                                                                                              Rector and Chairman                                                                                                             האוניברסיטה לשלום גלובלי United Nations University for Global Peace                                                                                                                                   And                                                                                                                                                         Founder & Chairman Of ACADEMY OF UNVERSAL GOBAL PEACE USA.  Email :-    &  Phone :- +44 7552 452 989

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