Saturday, November 19, 2011

Prince of Psiria and the Santa Anatolia Governor H.E Prof. Dr.Paul Francis Scarciolla is Conferred With Docor Of Divinity & Inducted in AUGP by His Eminence Dr.Madhu Krishan.

His Eminence Dr.Madhu Krishan The Founder & Chairman Of “Academy Of Universal Global Peace”(AUGP) Conferred Doctor Of Divinity (Honoris Causa) to His Excellency  H.S.H. Prof. Dr.Paul  Francis Scarciolla , the Duke of Gavatino Spanish Tower, Prince of Psiria and the of Santa Anatolia Governor Founder of "Academy-AIUO"-Academy of International Humanitarian Works & also Inducted him by Ordaining him in the World Governing Council of AUGP as International Governor Of Italy on the basis of the Resolution of World Governing Council of AUGP Board.

A TREATY was also signed between AUGP & Academy-AIUO by both the Founder & Chairman of each Organizations with the objectives and missions to facilitate cooperation in charity, works of relief, rehabilitation and humanitarian aid for victims in the affected areas of Natural Disaster, International law, international security, sustainable development, social, human rights, the realization of global peace, the young - Empowerment of women-children, poverty reduction, Education, Health, Hygiene, in the field of Science, Technology and Environment, Global emerging issues such as global warming, HIV AIDS, food security, to implement humanitarian projects, besides many other humanitarian projects  World wide & more specifically  in India and Asia  with mitual collaboration and cooperation

Press Released By:- Director (Admin), AUGP.    

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