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His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan ,The Founder & Chairman Of "Academy Of Universal Global Peace" -AUGP expressed his thanks with Gratitude & Congratulations to H.E. Dr. Noema Chaplin Ambassador Of AUGP for writing eye opening Article with the Title, "VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN – VIOLENCE AGAINST FUTURE "

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His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan ,The Founder & Chairman Of "Academy Of Universal Global Peace" -AUGP expressed his thanks with Gratitude & Congratulations to Her Excellency Dr. Noema Chaplin  Ambassador  Of  International Governing Council Of AUGP for writing this ,eye opening Article with the Title, 



Violence against women has been recognized as a Human Rights violence.
The World Health Organization defines violence: 'use of physical force of power, threatening another person with a high likelihood of resulting in injury, psychological harm or deprivation.' An effort could be to reach consensus and set universal standards of behaviour through the elaboration of human rights to protect human life and dignity in our fast changing World.
Violence is an extremely diffuse and complex phenomenon with biological, psychological, social and environmental roots.

Half of humankind lives under this threat regardless of income, class, race, culture or ethnicity. Violence causes untold misery, harms families across generations and impoverishes communities. It stops women from fulfilling their potential, restricts economic growth, and undermines development.  Family and  Children affected as well. Psychological research and investigation could be useful on practical way. Abusive behavior like invisible Gun which distroyed Family and                                                generations.

The human cost in grief and pain, of course, can’t be calculated. The impact of violence – lives lost and health harmed. Many of the victims are too weak, scared or young to protect themselves…
More violence occurs out of sight in homes, workplaces and even in the medical and social institutions, set up to care for people. Many acts of violence are never recorded because they do not come to the attention of authorities.  90% Domestic Violence cases – ignored. The same situations repeated with  more and more women... No access to Justice to get benefits of the Rule of Law.
Since then a wide range of public health researchers in the United States and around the world have set themselves the task of understanding violence and finding ways to prevent it. From analysis to action to raise efforts of visibility of violence against women: individual, relations, community efforts.
$$$Billion expenses for Economy as well. Over $$$2 Billions are going to assist and prevent Domestic Violence in USA.  Victims/Survivors got penny... Where is Money going?
When victims will get compensation for Damage – it can help to prevent next violence by the same person.
It is time to take these efforts to the next level.  We must play a stronger, better coordinated and more visible leadership role. Member States can do more to implement legal and policy framework to which they have committed themselves. And all of us must form strong and effective partnerships with civil society, which has such a crucial role to play on this issue at every level.
 Consequences of violent behavior could not be ignored in the effort to improve the nation’s health and made tackling the roots of violence a top priority  the health community.
United Nations Agencies, UN Women  play significent Role to Eliminate all forms Violence against Women.  Human Security  create  Public Health.
Let all of us -- Men and Women alike -- join forces in this mission to create a healthy environment for TODAY and TOMORROW. 

Article By:-  
Dr. Noema Chaplin
Political and Economic Scientist
President  International Federation “Collaboration”
Executive Committee Member UNF/UNA-USA’s COO
CEO Military Medical Academy  /Education, Psychology/ 10 years
New York City

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