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His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan, The Founder & Chairman Of Academy Of Universal Global Peace - (AUGP) conferred Doctorate Degree To "Skënder Kamberi" who is a Renouned European Artist In service Of Peace  & -  AUGP is An ISO 9001:2008 (UK)  Accrididated International Academy & Also Registerd Under European Commission & United Nations & By Various Governments  & Inter Government Organizations World wide

His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan, The Founder & Chairman Of Academy Of Universal Global Peace - (AUGP) conferred Doctorate Degree To "Skënder Kamberi" who is a Renouned  European Artist In service Of Peace
This Doctorate Degree "Ph.D" - Doctor Of ARTS with Specialization in " Specialization in Aesthetics and Painting" is conferred upon "Skënder Kamberi" on the basis of the Evaluation done by Dr. Shefki Hysa ,The Governor Of Diplomatic Mission & International Governor of AUGP & susiquently Resolution was passed by the World Governing Council Of AUGP on 13th March'2013

Skënder Kamberi 
 An Artist in Service of Peace
Skënder Kamberi was born on 2 February 1939 in the city of Vlora, Albania in a family with patriotic traditions. He finished the high school studies in the artistic lyceum "Jordan Misja" where he was mainly focused in Painting art. In 1965 he graduated in the University of Fine Arts for figurative arts in the field of Painting.
Skënder Kamberi has participated in every annual activity held nationally in all the exhibitions organized in all the jubilees of all the national and social events. He has created in the field of painting ,more than two thousand works of art, portraits and landscapes from all over his homeland, from Vermosh to Konispol and from the seacoast to the depths of Hinterland. Many of his works are exposed and are owned by state institutions such as the National Gallery of Arts, the Gallery of Vlora, Galleries of Gjorakastra and museums in Fier, Lushnje, Vlore, etc. There are many governmental offices like the Parliament, Ministry of Justice, Prime Ministry and other Ministries that have works of art of his authorship. A great part of the people who own now his works of art are private possessors inside and outside the country such as USA, Italy, Greece, Turkey, etc.
Skënder Kamberi has participated in the international exhibitions in Bucharest "Peace in the Balkans", in Alexandria of Egypt, in Peking, Paris, Hamburg, etc. He has opened more than twenty-two personal exhibitions, nineteen in Albania and three outside the country: Italy, Germany, Greece. Some of the invitational exhibitions and competitions where he participated are: Grace, Vienna - Austria (1971); Bucharest - Romania (1972 - 1980); Peking - China (1973 - collection); Paris - France ( 1980 - collection); Athens - Greece (1982 - collection); Cairo, Alexandria - Egypt (1986 - collection); National Exhibition Competition in Albania (1965 - 1989), National Gallery of Art - Albania (1987 - personal), Rome, Lecce - Italy (1991 - personal); Hamburg - Germany (1994 - personal), National Gallery of Arts (1996 -personal).
Skënder Kamberi has got many prizes and awards for his frequent and uninterrupted activity . Among the most important awards he has won are: Merited Artist (1979), People's Artist (1989), Free Painter (1983-1993), First Prize in the National Exposition (1974), Third Prize in the National Exposition (1969), First
Prize in Graphic (1971,1973). He was also decorated with the medal Naim Frasheri.
Skënder Kamberi is a Member of the European Academy for Painting. He has been highlighted in the Albanian Encyclopedia as "People's Artist" in two artworks. Skënder won the medal of "Excellence" for Art and Education from the Academy of Cambridge, England. Skënder Kamberi was selected International Man of the Year in recognition of his services to the field art (1998-1999) .
Skënder Kamberi is not only a distinguished artist, but also a peace missionary. He has given a lot of help for the people with economic difficulties. As a charitable missionary he has been committed to the international lobbying organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, part of UN. Skënder Kamberi is an honorary advisor of this mission that operates in the Balkans and all over the world for peace and prosperity.

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Director , Diplomatic Mission 
Mrs. Dylbere Dika 

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