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His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan Conferred Doctorate Degree to Her Excellency Ambassador Dr. Maryse Tiberini, an International Personality, originally from Switzerland.
His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan The Founder and Chairman Of " ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE " -   "AUGP  "  Conferred Doctorate Degree to  Her Excellency Ambassador Dr. Maryse Tiberini, an International Personality,  originally from Switzerland.

H.E Ambassador Dr.Maryse Tiberini is also Ordained As Goodwill Ambassador & International Governor Of AUGP In Switzerland ,on the recommendation & on the bases of the Resolution passed by the World Governing Council Of AUGP under the approval of Dr. Madhu Krishan ,The Founder & Chairman Of AUGP. 


Her Excellency Ambassador Dr. Maryse Tiberini ,was born on 28/05/1947 in LOURDES/France, an international special town known  by her pilgrimages!

After her  graduation  in the Excellence Field Of  " Nurse Of Resuscitation " in the prestigious  American Hospital in Paris, she  expertise  in the field of Business, communications, through  a large officer school in Paris "EFAP "

She utilized her precious span of life in the Business Bank namely 'INDOSUEZ' . She could expertise her chosen field of knowledge in the Finance Management and International Trade,as well as,in the wealth Management.

Presently She being a Business Partner in an International Private  Company , She is also  The  Co -Founder  of GENTRY SOCIETY , a big social network in which she envisage to help and mix   different actions and humanitarian associations.

Behind all these activities,Maryse Tiberini ,has often spend  valuable time helping some missing children and persons  in the world since decades.

Her Excellency As Ambassador of INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION - IHRC  IS ACTIVELY INVOLVED since more of 3 years. She is also holding as Ambassador of Global Village Forum since 2013 Dr. Maryse Tiberini  is compassionate to give his experience and Energy to find positives solutions and actions for all Countries and persons in difficult ....with respect i for all people of Diversity  in this world FAMILY.

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 Dr. Maryse Tiberini By Her Self

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