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The Eminent Scientist His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan,Conferred The Degree Of"Doctor Of Humanity upon Her Excellency Ambassador Dr.Ms. Noema Chaplin of USA And Ordained Her as "INTERNATIONAL GOVERNOR Cum Goodwill Ambassador Of PEACE" of AUGP In WASHINGTON

The Eminent Scientist His Eminence  Dr. Madhu Krishan, The Founder & Chairman Of  "Academy Of Universal Global Peace" -(AUGP), Conferred The Degree Of"Doctor Of Humanity  upon Her Excellency Ambassador Dr.Ms. Noema Chaplin of USA on the recommendation of the World Governing Council Of AUGP in reorganization of her Remarkable Services of Excellence to the Humanity in Diverse field addressing the Global Issues supporting the Charters Of  UNITED NATIONS .
Dr. Madhu Krishan also Nominated/ Ordained  Ms. Noema Chaplin as "INTERNATIONAL GOVERNOR Cum Goodwill Ambassador Of PEACE" of AUGP in WASHINGTON , 


 Dr.Ms. Noema Chaplin has Specialization for Empower Women and Youth, Eliminate Human Rights Violation and Corruption, International Peace, Create a Healthy Environment for the Youth and Next Generations.

 H.E Dr Noema Chaplin's Diplomatic carrier started  soon after  she finished Prestige  High School school:  study Hindi, Art and Culture of India  8 years and English 5 years. Those days  It was only 1 school in all Soviet Union in St. Petersburg.  
It was her  Dream  to work for United Nations and create Peace between Nations through Dialog and Communication.

Dr. Noema Chaplin currently is The President  Of International Federation “Collaboration”, International Governor and Good Will Ambassador for " ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE" - "AUGP", Human Capital Executive Research Board, Honor Member of International Organizations and Academy.
Dr.Noema Chaplin participated  in more than 300 High Level Events. Created Senior Level partnership “LEADERSHIP through EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION” with Global Leaders and Media to transform Knowledge and Strategies for Prosperity.
She Have been invited as an International VIP, Successful European Business Lady to the United States who has Worldwide recognition with over 10 years of experience on International Arena and United Nations.

Work  very close with Missions, Embassies, Chambers of Commerce, International Academy, Eurasia Foundation, The Prince of Wale’s Corporate Leaders, Fund“Know-How”, Business Professional Women, Rotary International, EMCC, LIONS International /Al Brandel/, etc. 
As the President of International Federation “Collaboration” /Founder–International Informatization Academy/ manage activity for Science & Technology, Environment, Global Health, Business, Art. 
She is The Member of the Planning Committee for 2004-2008 Annual UN DPI/NGOs conferences/Media, Workshops/. 

She Published Scientific analysis: "Right to PAID Employment: International Law and Human Rights Violation at the National Level", “Climate change: How it impact US ALL”, “60 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, "Violence against Women as Universal Phenomena", “Financial and Economic Crisis and it’s impact for Development”, “Control Population by Manufacturing Mental Disorder”,“The Global Partnership for achieving the Millennium Development Goals”  and many other. 

Dr. Chaplin has additional experience as CEO of the Military Medical Academy ( Education and Psychology, 10 years ), Regional Director for Germany insurance company, European Bank for Development /Board Governors/, Department of Labor /USA, Unemployment Analyst/.

Education: New York University (Management and Marketing); State University of New York (Political Science and Economics); PACE University (Real Estate ), UNIVERSITY of TELECOMMUNICATION (MS, Designer Engineer). Fluently: English, Russian.

She is also having Professional Expertise in Academically qualification in  International Affairs, International Law, Investment, HR Management.

His Eminence  The Eminent Scientist  Dr. Madhu Krishan, The Founder & Chairman Of  "Academy Of Universal Global Peace" -(AUGP), Conferred The Degree Of"Doctor Of Humanity"(Honoris Causa) upon Her Excellency Ms. Noema Chaplin of USA on the recommendation of the World Governing Council Of AUGP in reorganization of her Remarkable Services of Excellence to the Humanity in Diverse field addressing the Global Issues supporting the Charters Of  UNITED NATIONS .

Dr. Madhu Krishanalso Nominated Ms. Noema Chaplin as "INTERNATIONAL GOVERNOR Cum Goodwill Ambassador Of PEACE" of AUGP in WASHINGTON , USA . 

      Noema Chaplin is  Political and Economic Scientist.  Sr. Marketing Advisor. Designer Engineer.  Noema Chaplin  have been invited as an INTERNATIONAL VIP to the USA since 1994.

Currently is President International Federation “Collaboration”, an Executive Committee Member of UN Foundation/UNA-USA’s Council of Organizations. Member:  International Science Academy; Media professional Worldwide, Justice Management Division.
Ms. Noema Chaplin has Worldwide recognition with over than 10 years experience on International Arena and United Nations.   Provide Senior Level  Marketing, Network and Communication.  Monitor global initiatives to address Education, Environment, Global Health, Human Rights, Culture and Art.

     Ms. Chaplin participated more than 250 High Level Events.  Create  Senior Level partnership “LEADERSHIP through EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION”
 with Global Leaders and Media to transform Knowledge, Experience, Strategies  to Perform for Development and Prosperity.
She was also The Member  of the Planning Committee for 2004-2008 Annual  DPI/NGOs  conferences/Media, Workshops/.

Published Scientific analysis:  “Climate change: How it impact US ALL”, “60 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, "Violence against Women as Universal Phenomena", “Financial and Economic Crisis and it’s  impact for Development”,  “Control Population by Manufacturing Mental Disorder?” “Perspective for Peace and Development”, “The Global Partnership for achieving the Millennium Development Goals”.     Noema Chaplin started International Carrier in St. Petersburg and Moscow since 1994. Worked with American and European companies in different aspects: CIS-USA Women’s Consortium, Alliance of  American and Russian Women with “SOVUS”(Grace Kennan Warnecke), Winrock International /Sheila Scott/, Center for Civil Initiatives (CCI), etc.  All of this activity were  pretty well financed by US Government GRANTS and Private Sectors started from $1,550,000 and above. We provide Marketing, Research, Advertising and established  $$$Million businesses: American Information Center in St.Petersburg, USAID activity.

As the President of International Federation “Collaboration” /Founder – International Informatization Academy/ manage activity for Environment, Global Health, Science, Business, Art.  Work close with  Embassies, Chambers of Commerce, World LearningInternational Academy, Eurasia Foundation, The Prince of Wale’s Corporate Leaders, Fund “Know-How”, CIS-USA Women’s Consortium, ABA, Dr. Suresh Bhamre (Commissioner), Servas International (Isaac Scelton), Zonta International (Jackie Shapiro), Business Professional women, Rotary International, East Manhattan Chamber of Commerce /Nancy Plouger/, LIONS International /Al Brandel/, etc. 
As the  President of IIE, educated over 80 companies, led by women.

Noema Chaplin have been invited as an INTERNATIONAL VIP to the USA since 1994 with Multiply Business Visa by Grace K. Warnecke and Dr. Suresh Bhamre/Commissioner/, Rotary International. Healthy genetic Heritage is going from: Father – England and France,  Mother – Sweden andRussia.   

Ms. Chaplin  has a 10 years experience as CEO of the Military Medical Academy (Department of Education and  Psychology ), Regional Director for Germanyinsurance company, USAID Leadership program,   European Bank for Development /Board Governors/, DOL /USA, Unemployment Analyst/. 
Ms. Biruleva/Chaplin  got married   with an American   in Manhattan at  02/02/2001. Additional experience as   Homemaker/Domestic   Designer Engineer   in financial secure family  with  6 assets more than $2 Millions.

Education: NYU(Management and Marketing); SUNY NYC(Political Science and Economics);   PACEUniversity (Real Estate ), UNIVERSITY of TELECOMMUNICATION (MS, Designer Engineer). Fluently: English, Russian.
Professional Courses: International Affairs, International Law, Investment,HR/Management.
Press Released By:- 
Director (Admin)  
Establishing Global Peace
(From The Year 1985 Onwards) 
 BUILDING UP Transformed Harmonious Civilization Of 



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