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Dr. Madhu Krishan On The Evaluation Done by Prof. Dr. Benard Etta , The Commissioned International Governor Of AUGP , Conferred Doctorate Degree Upon Ndichia Tilder KUMICHII  and

His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan ,The Founder & Chairman Of " ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE" -AUGP  Conferred Doctorate Degree (Specialization In Arts and Human Letters) upon  Ndichia Tilder KUMICHII Of Cameroon, Africa,  on the Recommendation  and  Evaluation  Done by  Dr. Benard Etta , The Commissioned International Governor Of AUGP   and   on The Basis of The Resolution Passed By the World Governing Council Of AUGP.

A Brief Profile Ndichia Tilder KUMICHII

Ndichia, Tilder KUMICHII


At 50, NDICHIA Tilder Kumichii is an excellent resource person nationally and internationally, recognized for her expertise in gender issues, project monitoring and evaluation, and participatory trainer.  Her understanding of development issues and her strong stance on the importance of social justice through the empowerment of women and youths makes her contribution to impact on the lives of many. She was awarded a Certificate of Excellence on March 8th 2014 for her contribution to the empowerment of women in the North West Region in particular and in Cameroon in general by the Administration of the North West Region.
She has:
·         Excellent skills in oral and written communication, in facilitating and moderating participatory training workshops. seminars and sessions,
·         Excellent skills in processing information using different software programs,
·         Competent in project management, organizational management and organizational Development,
·         Active in promoting and protecting women’s right in particular and human rights in general
·         Creative manager in working with partners, communities and people

Over the past 15 years, KUMICHII  has participated in different trainings and workshops both nationally and internationally on different development related topics ranging from participatory training and working methods, project planning, implementation and evaluation, international Human Rights Law and advocacy, gender sensitive conflict management strategies, advanced security for human rights defender, etc. She offers consulting services on gender and development  related issues and human rights and currently offers voluntary services to Gender Empowerment and Development (GeED) an organization she contributed  in setting up, which currently works on School related Gender Based Violence.

For over 20 years, KUMICHII has worked with civil society in Cameroon and Africa developing policies and projects at international, national and local levels with farmers, women, youth, persons with disabilities, students associations, Religious institutions, government Institutions, etc. She belongs to different networks nationally and internationally and has been actively involved in lobbying and advocacy at all levels. She has participated in national and international conferences and has gained much experience from her participation in 5 World Social Fora in different countries. She has also presented the following papers:
Ø  Strategies to close gender gaps in Cameroon during political dialogue by FES Cameroon
Ø  Beijing +15: The reality and the unfinished Business, published by FES and GeED, 2012
Ø  Local Power and Women´s Rights: Potentials and Constraints of Decentralization Processes for Gender Equality - the Cameroon case in Bonn, Germany, November 2009
Ø  Need for early warning – up-coming elections  and participation of women in Cameroon, Berlin Germany, May 2009
Ø  Gender equality in Africa – During the EU-Africa Strategy , Nairobi 2009
Ø  Poverty and its consequences on women in the North West Region and some attempts towards its alleviation, during the International day of the women, 2001
Ø  Entrepreneurship for girls and women, during the Business Development forum organized by the Presidency of Cameroon for youths and women of the North West Region.
Ø  Customs and practices that violet women’s rights and inflict psychological and physical violence on women during the International day of the women in Fundong sub division.
Ø  The family as the smallest unit of the society presented during the celebration of the day of the Family in Bamenda – 1997
Ø  Sexual abuse on the girl child, during the day of the African child in 1997
Inspired by her 25 years of experience in her worldwide networking on issues of development and her fieldwork, she has gained broad knowledge on the importance of gender and human rights to the development process.

She has also participates in co writing of alternative report to the CPR committee and has participated also in the review of Cameroon by the UN Human Rights Committee in 2010. She also participated in co-writing of the shadow report to ESCR committee and participated in the review process of Cameroon by the Committee in 2011.

 Prof. Guide and Mentor Of  Dr.NDICHIA Tilder Kumichii and Evaluated  By :- 
Prof. Dr. Benard Etta ,
 The Commissioned International Governor Of AUGP

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