Monday, April 28, 2014

Dr. Madhu Krishan & Dr. Shefki Hysa Congratulated Dr. Enver Ferizaj For Getting The Prestigious Award Of " BEST MANAGER" in Europe & Balkans Nations.

His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan The Founder & Chairman Of " ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE "-AUGP  and Dr. Shefki Hysa The Governor Of  Diplomatic Mission Congratulated  Dr. Enver Ferizaj for getting the Prestigious Award Of " BEST MANAGER" in Europe and Balkans Nations.

 The Regional Independent Agency for the selection of the the best companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the Southeast and Central Europe, the Management European Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina and “Euromanager” magazine, honored the President of Albanian Agro-business Council, Dr. Enver Ferizaj The Third Consecutive Time Elected President Of Albania State Agro-Business Council , Ministry Of Agriculture.
The President of Albanian Agro-business Council Dr. Enver Ferizaj received the title of “The Best Manager” with the highest gratitude and honor in the region of Southeast and Central Europe.
The professional jury consisting of remarkable personalities from academic, diplomacy and business world from Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro and Germany have selected unanimously Dr. Enver Ferizaj as “The Best Manager”.   
The experts have estimated the role and contribution of Dr. Enver Ferizaj in the governance of the Albanian Agro-business Council and also the successful achievement and collaborations in the region of Southeast and Central Europe. 
This reward came as another evaluation for Dr. Ferizaj after he had received the title “Doctor Honoris Causa” conferred by Academy of Universal Global Peace By His Eminence Dr, Madhu Krishan, It’s Founder & Chairman .

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