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Eminent Scientist His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan,Conferred Doctorate Degree and Prestigious Award " ACADEMY AWARD " For Establishing Global Peace upon H.E. URGC Ambassador Dr. Amelia Constantinou and H.E. Dr. Leonie Constantinou. and ordained Dr. Amelia and Leonie Constantinou as AMBASSADOR AT LERGE of AUGP In UK & Cyprus

Eminent Scientist His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan, The Founder and Chairman Of " ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE " - AUGP ; Conferred Doctorate Degree and  Prestigious Award " ACADEMY AWARD " For Establishing Global Peace  upon H.E. URGC Ambassador Dr. Amelia Constantinou and H.E. Dr. Leonie Constantinou.

.Dr. Madhu Krishan also ordained Dr. Amelia and Leonie Constantinou  as AMBASSADOR AT LARGE of AUGP In UK & Cyprus on the basis of the resolution passed by the World Governing Counsel of AUGP in 70 Nations.  

A Brief Profile :- 

H.E. URGC Ambassador Dr. Amelia Constantinou          
 Ambassador At Large For Global Peace Dr. Amelia Constantinou
ACADEMY AWARD For Establishing Global Peace 
through the Protection of - Fragile Ecology and Environment for Sustainability.
MD of Vassili Group 
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H.E. URGC Ambassador Dr. Leonie Constantinou
Ambassad At Large For Global Peace Dr. Amelia Constantinou
ACADEMY AWARD For Establishing Global Peace
 through the Protection of Of Fragile Ecology and  Environment for Sustainability.
MD of Vassili Group 
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Their Excellences Amelia and Leonie Constantinou are sisters and partnered in their work, working as a team.
Both are Ambassadors to URGC ‘’United Refugee Green Council’’ focussing on finding solutions to restore human rights, emergency accommodation, housing, water, sanitation, education, health, social development, socioeconomic development, vocational training, women and child protection programs, environmental impact. Applying a green foundation to their ethos and sustainable solutions.
Both are also directors of the Vassili Group Ltd who have an international market presence in areas of planning, engineering, construction, green energy, green housing, health, education and other sustainable green solutions. The Vassili Group direction towards applying a green ethos and foundation to all their practices emanated through Amelia and Leonie.
Their drive on focussing on environmental and climate issues was born from the millions of environmental and climate refugees who have been forced into displacement. Their determination to find sustainable solutions to combat this situation led them to developing a variety of sustainable socioeconomic programs which involved growing of crops via hydroponic soil free, indoor agriculture which creates 100% free crop damage, using only 2% of the water required that of outdoor land faming, 70-90% less fertilizer required, crops grow 70% faster, all powered by natural green energy, allowing sustainable food produce in areas that are unfit for farming which had caused the displacement, which further allows displaced people to return to their homes.
This was extended to green energy generated poultry farming, egg farms, beef and dairy farming with additional industry created from their bi-products and waste.
Their efforts not only creates sustainable food source which relieves hunger and famine, it creates an industry, socioeconomic infrastructure, resolving water issues for irrigation, increasing land farming crop yields from 40% produced on land to 100% whilst at the same time providing opportunities for creation of industry and all 100% environmentally and climate friendly.
Their solutions did not stop there, they extended to the same green clean power source that provides the energy for their indoor farming programs to providing clean energy supply to homes and street lighting creating green sustainable living environments and communities.
Their work further entered finding green sustainable solutions for the protection of refugees/displaced people from which they introduced green emergency accommodation and green housing totally self-sufficient in power supply applying building materials that were energy efficient, quick to construct and up to 200 years anticorrosion, creating long term sustainable green housing solutions.
The issues that many refugees were faced with were the enslaving of women as child brides or sold for sex and abuse of children who are refugees. They introduced holistic programs that provide vocational training and education within a 24/7 secured, monitored and protective environment where schooling from primary to secondary level is provided, vocational training, health centres, sports facilities, arts and social integration development through their UNNA HIOS programs.
They recognised the needs of adults who are refugees/displaced people who require a vocation, training and education and signed contracts with various universities so that they can introduce higher educational programs so as to encourage academia and development for near future generations of educated service providers that also helps apply opportunities, development and economic growth.
Sustainable solutions are not presented in theory alone, this is something that they disagree with, their solutions to help relieve suffering and offer developmental opportunities are based upon practical sustainability of services that are needed and can be applied economically as well as efficiently with quick results. They are the world’s most forward thinkers in creating sustainable green solutions to a world that has 44 million refugees/displaced people. Where there seems to be no choices or solutions to such people, they provide the choices and solutions that can realistically be applied.
Their work helps cut costs to supporting UN Agencies, in many cases showing that they can cut costs to the UN by up to 90% and increase efficiency and support systems by up to 100% which allows UN Agencies greater savings that can be directed towards saving more lives.
Their holistic green ethos and approach creates much diplomacy in areas where often seems impossible to apply, they help contribute towards global peace through the protection of fragile ecology & environment in sustainability via green intervention, they help create peace by establishing programs that allow the restoration of homes, healthcare, education, social development, socioeconomic infrastructure, safety and community.
Green energy is an area where they have also lobbied and active in by providing green energy solutions to governments where up to 90% of their citizens have no mains power supply. They have entered into contracts with Governments to help resolve their country’s energy crisis via green sustainable energy which benefits the environment and climate.
Their excellences continue to strive towards aiding humanity and we expect to see many more achievements from them in the near future.

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 Vassili Group

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H.E  Dr. Kevin Kemal Yildirim  
The International Governor and DEAN Of AUGP,
And The Professor of Sociology  In 

on Race relations , Panama city, Panama;

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