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His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan Conferred Higher Doctorate Degree D.Litt To H.E. Professor Dr. ABDELATIF HAMZA Ph.D Of Uk

The World Reputed SCIENTIST His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan , Founder and Chairman of " ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE  "   -  AUGP  Honoured / Conferred   A Most Prestigious International Award , "ACADEMY AWARD  " For Global Peace 2015, Upon His Excellency Professor Dr. ABDELATIF HAMZA Ph.D Of Uk 

Dr. Madhu Krishan also Conferred Higher  Doctorate Degree (Honoris Causa) In DOCTOR OF LETTERS . Earlier He had already Conferred Doctorate Degree  In International Diplomacy   , Upon H.E. Prof. Dr. Abedelatif Hamza  On the bases of the Resolution passed by  The World Governing Council of AUGP  as Passed By The Governors  in 77 Nations - The Branches Of AUGP.

His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan also ORDAINED / Commissioned H.E. Prof. Dr. Abedelatif Hamza as AMBASSADOR AT LARGE  Of AUGP in UNITED KINGDOM   and also Conferred Honoris Causa Doctorate Degree, Specialization In International Diplomacy along with a Certificate Of EXCELLENCE  For His Continuous  EXCELLENCE Work For Establishing Global Peace in accordance with the PEACE MISSION of AUGP  which is Building Up a Sustainable Transformed CIVILIZATION Of " PEACE LOVING - PEACE LIVING - PEACE PRACTICING", From 3 Decades. 

A Brief Profile Of
Global Recognized Professor

Abdelatif Hamza, Ph.D.

 The updated  News feed of..
Abdelatif M Hamza D.Litt.
 His publications & life platforms
 Here we only focusing on presenting the vital original global contributions during the period 2011-2016, indicating through it the list of main vital publications and the type of the effective life platforms which chosen during this time in order to deliver the vast innovated ideas , terms, diagrams, models, and fundamentally handling the scope of selected subjects covering the "administration, politics and diplomacy" while providing consistent interpretations that heartily and mindfully meant to promote the "world challenging desired humanity" and the "genuine peace concerns solidly" and the "relevant knowledge globally excitingly", his clear adopted approach announcing his deep believe towards serving his stated "One organic world", "One spiritual humanity" and the "One lovely fruitful colored civilization" that's humans totally shared its built and ever it's made outcomes - which consistently being made by the elite mixed peoples and their concerned efforts- throughout history and that always meant for all throughout life as to equally share its grace globally.. his publications reflecting so much work and good concerns that which couldn’t be all covered on such brief news issue..    
The Publications:
- On 2016 (The Government Administration volume, 590 pages): this academic book aiming to provide the chance to the Arab seniors to obtain their DBA Degree  through  the e Learning process economically and timely, the book title In Arabic: "Doctor of Business Administration... With Specialization On Government Administration"..  This book covering 9 relevant important topics discussed and presented them deeply and widely in order to promote the desired Arabic mentality, because the author saw severe lacking of the public administration knowledge and profession appeared clearly particularly after the Arab Spring 2011...believing that successes on the Arabic Government Administration would help them build their successful countries potentially.. Believing that the more Arabs build their successful governments the more peace spread globally.. The topics selected creatively in order to consistently fully cover the total quality of knowledge and profession required, the author sent decades working in government and proclaiming knowing its bits, ins and outs adequately.. Topics include the fundamentals and dimensions of the Strategy Theory, the Constitution, The democracy, the political parties, the elections, the management & leadership, the Banking System, the Government Organization.. Etc. its really an innovative useful exciting educationally competing work as the author meant.
- On 2015 (Global Leadership Quality volume, This is 5 training Text books plus one written by other author): This work is already being publically presented  as to serve the one globe eagerly, Its basically meant to enrich the leadership knowledge and practices and bridging it positively into another sensitive dimension,  through these training text books we would find so many innovative global original contributions proclaimed by the author & founder such presenting exciting formulas, diagrams, arguments and vital delicate conclusions and interpretations which seen that generations & generations will stand aside with it.. In fact, hard to cover all what's being presented but may be interesting to mention new knowledge like: The Social Classes Organic Theory S.O.C.T, the World Organic Leading Formulas, The Leaderships Formations Realistic Mechanism, The leadership Influence Pyramid, The Law of Positivity, The Diplomacy Ethical School,.. Etc.. while presenting such new terms the author call the other scholars work in order to support the ultimate optimal humanity, peace and administration main targets.. The whole work may be seen as indicated by the author as a means to provide tools and operation helping us to practice and adopt that the author calls: "Global Leadership Total Quality Management"... The author believes it’s the whole world one holly wholly responsibility to protect our "One world-body" and our "One civilization" to be both functioning healthy.. And this could never be established without assuring the elections would be ever selecting and appointing the really very solidly positively global leaderships.. where this training course contribute on such context. The training courses assist in building the desired "leadership global compatibility:.. where we could summarize the whole ideas in one statement as said by the author " Global Peace-Leadership is the BACKBONE of the good great global leadership quality".. failing to recognize that would keep the world facing the seven damaging indicators which being discussed in training text book one.
- On 2015: (The Business Administration volume, 690 pages): this academic book aiming to provide the chance to the Arab nominated perspective business leaders as  to obtain their MBA Degree  through  the e Learning process economically and timely, the book title In Arabic: "Master of Business Administration... With General Specialization".. discussing 12 topics as being followed by the world top tire business management institutions..
- 2011-2014 (6 books being published in Arabic)" : This include (1) Islamic Banking System.. (2) All what you need to know about democracy & constitution.. (3) Understanding how to form strategies.. etc.
In fact dealing with such vast area of  knowledge and concerns is not born during this specific period but as a result of so many submitted studies and various books being drafted for publishing since 1986.. Its worth to mention that the "Steady  Employment Theory (S.E.T) Book, 1996".. which meant then to remedy the unemployment plague globally.. as well the book draft "The World Peace & Development Organic Theory, 2002"..Etc.
The Life Platforms:
Although what have been just mentioned were being books or courses that which  you have to buy them in order to obtain the knowledge and achieve the goals.. Consequently the author & founder chosen the following means in order to present the knowledge free for all, as well as to communicate globally with all scholars and professionals as together to improve such works further towards better desired secured  World  Wellbeing and Quality of Living.
Briefly indicating the following:
- On 2011, LIDHRA: Established the Libyan International Development Human Reliefs Association".
- On 2014, OXHIAC: Established the Oxford Higher Academy For Research, In UK.
- On 2015: Joined LinkedIn in order to post the ideas on series called on the Marginal Of The Academic Programs/ solving the world problems.. as being working to  publish same posts on the in a way to make the presentation complete & better in near future..
- On 2016 , AIPDF: Co-Founded the Arab International Public Diplomacy Forum, which will be held number of times globally in order to discuss and recommend  what better serving the Arabic Foreign Policies Internationally.. However its ultimate objective is to bring the Arabic intellectuals and the world together suiting professionally and humanely around one close table and sharing the one responsibility towards solving the further perspective complicated matters.
Such great innovated efforts and good positive concerns were understood in depth and evaluated "so excellence" by the Academy of Universal Global Peace and granted him the Doctor of Letters honorary degree.
 © Academy of Universal Global Peace,New York, USA

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