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Eminent Scientist His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan The Founder & Chairman Of “ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE” – AUGP Conferred The Doctorate Degree To H.E. Dr. Syed Mohammed Murtaza Shah Rizvi and also Commissioned Him as AMBASSADOR AT LARGE in PAKISTAN

Eminent Scientist His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan  The Founder & Chairman Of “ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE” – AUGP; An Inter –Governmental Organization, ISO : 9001:2008 Certified  & Accredited By UK, Conferred The Doctorate Degree To H.E. Dr. Syed Mohammed Murtaza Shah Rizvi  and also Commissioned Him as AMBASSADOR AT LARGE in PAKISTAN on the basis of the Resolution Passed by the World Governing Council Of Governors Of 77 Nations In The HQ , Of AUGP in New York, USA.

Profile Of Ambassador Dr.Syed Mohammed Murtaza Shah Rizvi
Ambassador Dr.Syed Mohammed Murtaza Shah Rizvi  was born in Khairpur, (Former State) City of Sindh Province – Pakistan. He belongs to renowned Syed / Shah Family. He passed his childhood in his native place where he completed his Graduation from Sindh University (Shah Abdul Latif University Campus) Khairpur, in the faculty of International Relations in 1981.  After graduation he started the Post Graduation in the faculty of International Relations from University of Karachi in 1984 at Karachi.  He also qualified in Law, and got Graduations Degree from Law College Khairpur (Affiliated with SALUniversity Khairpur) in 1992. The “SEMINARIO ORTHODOXO DIOCESANO DE MA.ACANAU (SODIMA) Brazil, has presented “DOCTOR HONORIS" Causa Universal Humanism, the DOCTOR HONORIS is equivalent to the Ph.D.
 He has started his career from Pakistan Steel as Assistant Manager Administrations in 1989, and served various departments of Pakistan Steel- from 1989 to 2000.
Ambassador Dr. Syed Mohammed Murtaza Shah is distinguished for his contributions in the field of Peace and Humanity.
As Owner and Administrator, had established “Universal Academy of Information Technology (UAIT)” to provide computer training from primary level from 2000 to 2005.

Ambassador Dr. Syed Mohammed Murtaza Shah is an erudite intellectual with a friendly heart and with his skills he has been transformed into a spiritual and humanist leader for international community.

Mr. Syed has experienced from Different International Organizations, As member and working on Higher Positions in below mentioned International Humanity and Peace concerns Organizations, I have got / gained the experience in the fields of Administration, Humanitarian Services, Public Dealing, Public Relations and How to promote and Highlight the Organizations Article Writings on Humanitarian and peace Issues.
Ambassador Dr. Syed Mohammed Murtaza Shah is mainly supporting the following organizations.

·        Acting chief of staff of IHRC.
·        Chief of Staff of IHRC with the Status of Ambassador.
·        Additional Secretary General of IHRC.
·        The Secretary General of IHRC.
·        The Assistant Chairman of IHRC & Head of Headquarter.
(Provided Services to IHRC from 1999 to 2012 on honorary basis)

·        Ambassador at Large SPMUDA International
·        Deputy Vice President of SPMUDA International
·        The Chief of Staff of SPMUDA International.
(Provided Services to SPMUDA International from 2010 to 2013 on honorary basis)
·        Highest Title of "DATU" /”Ambassador” Pegsalabuk  Subanen Inc
·        Council of Representative" on International Position of the World Peace Committee.
·        Ambassador of The Multipurpose Inter Parliamentary Union (TMIPU).
·        The “World Parliament of Security and Peace” has elect "Sir "Better World Best of 2012”.
·        Pegsalabuk Subanen Inc has appointed as"DATU" & Ambassador  (Highest Title).
  President Hayder Flayyih Hussein and Board Members of "The International Center for Strategic Studies and Human Rights”  Appointed as Consultant and Representative of International Center for Strategic Studies and Human Rights for  Pakistan.
·        The World Chairman Global Village Forum has awarded the “Standard Excellence Award “on humanitarian services, with recommendations of Board of Directors
·        The Secretary General of “International Organization for Defenders of Peace and  Human Rights”- IODPHR. Ambassador Dr. Alsheikh Mohamed Alkhalaf on behalf of the organization has appointed as an Ambassador of IODPHR for Pakistan.
·        The Board and the World President H.E Celso Dias of World Parliament for Security and Peace-WPO has appointed /accredited H.E Syed Mohammad Murtaza Shah as "High Commissioner for Human Rights of the WPO" against the positive Humanitarian services.
·        The H.E Comendador Franklin Lopes de Freitas Superintendente Geral and H.E Nelio de Olivera Aguiar Secretario /Pesquisdor of “AssociacaoCresca Envolva e Prossiga” has Presented/Honored  The VOTE OF THANKS AND APPLAUSE ANDRECOGNITION of my humanitarian work or services for Lower and deprived classes and support and contributions to their institution to the social cultural field, on 20th October 2015.
·        The Honorary Title of “AMIGO DA PAZ” (FRIEND OF PEACE) which is being given in recognition of his work towards a better world and for universal peace” Presented/ Honored by the  H.E Nelio De Olivera Aguiar the Chancellor of “SOCIEDADE NACIONAL DOS AMIGOS DA PAZ” (SONAPAZ)on 2nd October 2015.

·        It is the official letter of appointment by the "Unione Nazionale per le Onoranze alla MOVM Salvo d'Acquisto Eroe Nazionale" Italy .With the great appreciations and recommendations of Humanitarian & Peace Services without discrimination to Dr. Syed Mohammed Murtaza Shah, by The President  H.E. Francesco Paolo Scarciolla del Gavatino di Torre Spagnola.
·        The President Ida Bogado ,  and The Founder President Luis Sousa of Noble Order of Human Excellence –NOHE has appointed me on Peace services as “Ambassador of Peace”
·        The Order of Human Excellence –NOHE again appointer and promoted as a “International Ambassador for Human Rights”.
·        As a defender of peace and human rights, this is the great appreciation for his           humanitarian services and dedications, presented and honored by The CEO and The President H.E Solomon Avasilcai of  “The International Organization of Human Rights”   has appointed the “World Ambassador of IOHR “ with  the award of  “Certificate of Excellence”.
·        The President and Director Amb. Claire Power Murphy and the Board of the Directors on behalf of the “The Claire Power Murphy Foundation- CPMF from United States, ” against his extraordinary work for humanity and peace has appointed Dr Syed Mohammed Murtaza Shah as “Peace Ambassador for Humanity”.

Additional Activities, Skills and Experience.
1.   Arrange international volunteer’s day in 2001
2.   Prepared the peace proposal for Myanmar Rohingyas Muslims   issue presented to Organization to Islamic Cooperation -OIC in the platform of IHRC  in 2012.
3.   Prepared the peace proposal of Bahrain and Burma.
4.   Dr. Syed has written many articles in local newspapers and monthly magazines in different times, on various current national, international affairs and Human rights and peace concerned issues.
Moreover he has  written several current issues e.g Children’s & women rights issues, women abuse / women & Children’s abuse , human and women Trafficking , Trafficking of Human Organs , and Massacre of Innocent Minority around the world, Palestine issue and other current issues on social media links.

Contacts & Links.
Wattsup+Viber +imo+923337594301
Skype: smohammedmurtazashah

(Note: I can’t mentioned everything in this CV)
The Secretary Of Media Department Of  
Dr.Syed Mohammed Murtaza Shah Rizvi

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