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His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan, The Founder & Chairman Of Academy Of Universal Global Peace -AUGP Confered Doctorate Degree To Former Hon'ble Prime Minister Of Albania Makbule ceco, On the recomendation Of H.E Dr. Shefki Hysa The International Governor Of AUGP & Governor Of Diplomatic Mission -DMPP and on the basis of the Resolution passed by the World Governing Council Of AUGP

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Brief Professional Profile Of Former Deputy Prime Minister Of Albania Hon'ble Makbule Ceco

Makbule Çeço – Peace Missionary with a brilliant career

Makbule Xhelo Çeço was born in 21st July 1948 in Durrës, Albania, in a family with early patriotic traditions in the service of Albanian nation. She is an Albanian citizen.
Makbule Çeço finished the elementary and secondary school in Tirana, respectively in the schools “Kosova” and “Lidhja e Prizrenit”.
In 1966 Makbule Çeço finished the general high school in the schools “Sami Frashëri” and “Kongresi i Përmetit” in Tirana, Albania.
In 1966 she started the studied in the Faculty of Political-Legal Sciences in the University of Tirana and graduated in 1970 as “Worker of Political Sciences”.
In 1970 Makbule Çeço started working as a pedagogue in the Faculty of Political-Legal Sciences in the University of Tirana, Albania.
In 1989 she was appointed as Directress of Higher Education Department in the Ministry of Education of the Albanian state and was in this post until 1992.
From 1996 to 1997 she was a member of the Municipal Council beside the Town Hall of Tirana.
In 1997 she worked as external pedagogue if the Faculty of Law in the University of Tirana.
In 1997 Makbule Çeço was appointed Prefect of Tirana.
From 1999 to 2001 Makbule Çeço carried out the post of Deputy Prime-Minister and Minister of Labor and Social Issues of Albania.
In 2001 she took the post of the Vice Speaker of the Parliament  of Albania.
From 2005 she is an external pedagogue in the master programs in the Faculty of Law in the University of Tirana.
Makbule Çeço, from 2008, is also pedagogue and dean in the Faculty of Law, in the University “Justicia” in Tirana.
In 1990 Makbule Çeço she started a second faculty, the Faculty of Law and in 1992 she graduated as lawyer in this faculty.
Makbule Çeço, during her professional career, has received many  titles and scientific degrees. In 1983 she received the title “Candidate of Sciences”. In 1987 she received the title “Docent”. In 1999 the title “Candidate of Sciences” was converted in the Degree “Doctor of Sciences”.
Makbule Çeço has also carried out many seminars and different training and qualification courses in the field of education, in the field public services and local government, in the field of gender problems, for the participation of women in politics, in the field of legislation, etc. She has been trained inside and outside of Albania, in different countries all over the world. She has graduated “For war against terrorism” in the centre “Marshal”, Garmish, Germany, etc.
Makbule Çeço has also been engaged in different publications. She has published many scientific articles, school texts, papers and lectures. She has treated these also in national and international scientific, social, political activities, etc.
Makbule Çeço, during her whole professional and political career has been distinguished as a personality with a humanitarian spirit and has given big contributions to help the communities, the nongovernmental organizations in support of people in need.
So, she has had a wide activity as peace missionary.
Makbule Çeço, as a peace missionary, has been committed to the international lobbying organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, part of UN.
She is a honorary advisor of this mission that operates for peace and prosperity in the Balkans and all over the world.
Published By:- 
Advisor of DMPP,
 Arba Berdica.

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