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His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan ,The Eminent Scientist & Founder Chairman Of " ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE " - AUGP ; Conferred and Honoured Dr. EFI PAPASTYL OU Of Republic of GREECE with The Prestigious Award Of " ACADEMY AWARD FOR GLOBAL PEACE"

His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan ,The Eminent Scientist & Founder Chairman Of " ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE "  - AUGP ; Conferred  and Honoured  Dr. EFI PAPASTYL OU  Of Republic of GREECE with The Prestigious Award Of " ACADEMY AWARD FOR GLOBAL PEACE"  and also conferred her Doctorate Degree on The recommendation and Resolution of World Governing Council  Of AUGP from 70 NATIONS. 

A Brief Profile Of Dr. EFI PAPASTYL OU
Public Relations Department Manager – CODECO S.A. Construction Company
Fourth Senior High School of Thessaly
Anatolia College, Panorama, Thessaloniki, Greece
Yale OCW, Political Philosophy
 Yale OCW, Psychology
Athens College, Public Relations and Communication,
Athens College, History of Modern Greece
Efi Papastylou  
With The Hon'ble Prime Minister of Egypt "Essam Sharaf" and the Ambassador Ismail Abouzid

Greek: Native Speaker
English: Proficient
French: Communicative Level
Public Relations
Corporate Communications
Global Expansion
 Media Relations
Crisis Communications
Communication Skills
Social Media
Developing and implementing communication strategies organizations
·         London Lykion Hellenidon
·         Charitable non-governmental organization ELPIDA
·         Greek Action in Africa
·         Panathenian Women’s Organization
·         Royal Forum
·         British Association for Applied Linguistics
·         Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
·         HAU – American Hellenic Union
·         Women’s Association of Greece, Chairperson
·         AWIU, Arab Women Investors’ Union against poverty in connection with FAO
·         Arab Business Club
·         Hellenic Business Club
·         Greek Professionals in London
·         Children
·         Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
·         Education
·         Environment
·         Health
·         Human Rights
·         Poverty Alleviation
I have always been interested in new ventures and entrepreneurship. I have had a successful career in Public Relations, which has been supported by my studies as well as my personality. I am very receptive to other people’s concepts and I try to incorporate them in my rationale in order to produce new opportunities.
On the other hand, I am a person of integrity, committed to helping the poor, especially children, youths and women. I strongly believe that a successful business person has to always feel the heartbeat of society. This does not only make us better people, but it also helps good business deals.
I am always open to creative cutting-edge ideas since I constantly aspire to come up with flexible innovative business concepts myself. My moto is: If you do things well, do them better. Be daring, be first, be different, be just.’
I would like to seize the opportunity and express my gratitude to the Honorary President – Ambassador Ismail Abou Zid who is a distinguished President of the “Green Egypt” Political Party and a Former Representative of the United Nations’ FAO.  I had the fortune to meet this exquisite Gentlemen in Cairo in 2010 where I had participated in the Arab Women Investor Union/UN FAO’s event at the Arab League HQs, and after three years we met again in Athens where he started a Mediterranean campaign against poverty and hunger. Since then he became my mentor and awaking my awareness to become involved in the Charitable Organization against Poverty and Hunger. I had always been trying to find my way in getting involved more in being active in trying to help those in need as I am also a member of the Non-Governmental Organization ELPIDA in Greece.
After detailed and long discussions about the Organization I accepted the honour of the appointment with pride as the Organization’s President which Ambassador Ismail Abou Zid bestowed upon me and I hope to live up to the Honorary President’s and the Organizations’ expectations to do the utmost the fight Poverty and Hunger in the World  along with the Boards valuable assistance and with those who will support the Organization with  their valuable donations and assistance.
 I pledge to commit myself to the highest quality services as it is expected from the Organization’s Honorary President. And in my prayers, together with a plea to our Creator that He always keeps those who suffer to place them under his wings, I will be asking for guidance, strength and courage not only to deliver what is expected from me and the rest of the board but, moreover, to exceed it. To succeed in this, I will need the understanding, advice, co-operation and support of all of those who will be joining us in this battle to fight poverty and hunger. With the invaluable assistance of our Honorary President and the Board, we will together serve the ideals and objectives of this great Organization.

Recommended By & Published By :-
 Dr. Zoran Vitorovic, Switzer Land
International Governor Of AUGP 
President Of AMS, 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

His eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan & His Majesty Prince Leka The Prince Of Albania With Team Of Dynamic World Reputed Peace Leaders On The Mission Of Peace & Sustainable Development In Balkans & European Nations and

His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan The Founder & Chairman Of " ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE " " AUGP" and Honry Chairman Of DIPLOMATIC MISSION - DMPP along with Dr. Shefki Hysa The Governor Of Diplomatic Mission & Intl. Governor Of AUGP , in Continuation to GLOBAL PEACE FOR PROSPERITY MOVEMENT , Holded a  remarkable Strategic PEACE TREATY For UNITY , JUSTICE, HUMAN RIGHTS, EQUALITY, DIGNITY, PEACE FOR PROSPERITY , To BUILD UP STRONGER BALKANS & EUROPE, A Sustainable Developed Nations.

His Majesty Prince Leka The Original Prince Of Albania, along with Dr. Muhamet Malo a famous  Wrestler (many National & international Award Winner) [ see this link ], who is also  The President Of EURO LIOTO ,Tele Sport, Dajit Cable Car & Muhamet Malo Groups Of Company and Dr. Ambassador-Shefki Hysa ,The Governor Of Diplomatic Mission & Prof. Kytjm Hysa and Mr. Bujar Asqeriu, Famous Albanian Actor took the Lead Role in this PEACE MISSION /MOVEMENT FOR PROSPERITY TO BUILD STRONGER NATIONS with " PEACE LOVING - PEACE LIVING - PEACE PRACTICING " Transformed Civilization World Wide , jointly with DMPP & AUGP , In a Historical Strategical meeting on 1st June 2014 at Tiran

The Prince Leke a very dynamic young Prince of Albania who wrote many Books & articles & higlited the Status of Albanian Society,  Consented  with the Philosophy Of Dr. Madhu Krishan to build a “PEACE LOVING – PEACE LIVING – PEACE PRACTICING”  Transformed Civilization & agreed for Sustainable Development For Establishing Sustainable Peace & Prosperity  in whole of Balkans & European Nations in join hands with The Team Of Dr. Madhu Krishan, Dr. Shefki Hysa, Dr. Muhamet Malo, Prof. Kytjm Hysa & other Dynamic World Reputed Peace Leaders. The Statue Of His eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan is installed in the Head quarter Corporate Palace  of  Dr. Muhamet Malo as an Inspiration & Symbol Of PEACE MISSIONARY    .

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The First Indian’s Statue Of World Reputed His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan, Installed in European HISTORICAL MUSEUM  and

The First Indian’s  Statue Of World Reputed  His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan, an Eminent Scientist, Peace Builder, Social Reformer cum Activists, who is The Founder & Chairman Of “ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE” – AUGP; & ALSO Honry. Chairman Of Diplomatic Mission – Peace & Prosperity - DMPP  made in Black Bronze Metal by a very famous Sculpture Prof. Edris Balani of Durries, was Installed in HISTORICAL MUSEUM on April 11th’ 2014 in the annual exhibition "PranverArt 5" In Reorganization of his commendable  works for humanity & Peace Building , In Balkans & European Nations  .

The Governor Of Diplomatic Mission Dr. Shefki Hysa encouraged The Great Sculpture  Prof. Edris Balani, who  stated that this Year only two Statues has been added , One is of MOTHER TERESA & Another of Dr. MADHU KRISHAN, which was widely appreciated & Liked By Multitudes of Parliamentarian, Film Celebrities, Artists, Professionals, Academicians, News Medias, Universities students & Faculties ,NGOs , etc, & from all sectors    in Balkans & European Nations .

Dr. Shefki Hysa while briefing said  that  we all recognize & highly appreciate the Incredible, commendable  works of Excellence of 3 Decades of Selfless service of Dr. Madhu Krishan for Humanity, underprivileged, marginalized as well as for Disaster Victims , has exhorted him to a status of World’s reputed PEACE MISSIONARY , promoting PEACE & PROSPERITY  to Transform The  Global Society to Build a PEACE LOVING – PEACE LIVING – PEACE PRACITICING” – Peace Cultured CIVILIZATION & his significant & such specific works of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT FOR  STRONG NATION BUILDING in Balkans & European Nations.

The Governor Dr. Shefki Hysa further added  That Dr. Madhu Krishan is a Role Model Peace Missionary by his humbleness,  Holistic approach ,attitudes & his Principles which is based on The Philosophy of Non-Violence ,Peace , Harmony ; very similar like of  Mahatma Gandhi & of Mother Teresa.

Posted By: Prof. Edris Balani ,
 Honry . Advisor & Member Of Diplomatic Mission - DMPP

Monday, August 4, 2014

Eminent Scientist Dr. Madhu Krishan Honoured By Reps Of Scientists From Republic Of - Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia & Other European & Balkan Countries.  and

Dr. Madhu Krishan The Eminent Scientists Is Honoured By Reps Of Scientist, Innovators, Engineers, Environmentalists, Entrepreneurs Of Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina , Macedonia, & Other Countries of Europe & Balkans ; By Presenting Him with His own (Dr. Madhu Krishan’s) Pencil Sketch which is made by an Albanian Artists Mr. Ervis Kalia

Dr. Shefki Hysa The Governor Of DMPP appreciated the Artists & all the High Level delegation after a strategic Meeting for Certain Innovative Specific Projects like Under Ground & under sea tunnels & It’s Fire & other security systems, Conversion Of sea water to Drinking water for Public use in certain Countries, Innovated sewage Disposal System & making use of Biomass & other waste materials for making Non-Conventional Electricity , Hydro-Electric Projects etc For Sustainable Development in Europe & Balkans through Science, Technologies, Innovations & Entrepreneurship for Providing Livelihood to the Citizens of that respective Countries.

The High Level Delegation was Lead By
Mr.Emir Dalipi, Of Republic Of Macedonia, who is also Honry Member & Rep of Diplomatic Mission -DMPP

Posted By:- Miss Arba , Chief Advisor Of Diplomatic Mission -DMPP

Sunday, July 27, 2014

His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan,Along with His Excellency The Chief Justice Of High Court Of State Of Tamilnadu Justice M.F.J. Pon Durai , Awarded Degree Certificates & Golden Plated Citations , Gold Souvenirs to The Head Of Institutes & Humanitarian Peace Building Leaders of grass root level  and

His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan, The Founder & Chairman Of " Academy Of Universal Global Peace"- AUGP,  Awarded Degree Certificates & Golden Plated Citations , Gold Souvenirs  along with Dr. RD Lawerence ,The Director Of AUGP (Academics)  & Executive Director Of International Development Consultancy & Research Foundation -Asia,  to   The Head Of Institutes & Humanitarian  Peace Building Leaders of grass root level who are serving the Humanity at Remotes Places  among Deprived & Under Privileged ,marginalized  Global Society Of Our Earth Planet. For earning the Livelihood, stitching Machines etc were also gifted to poorest of the poor & under poverty line citizens.   
His Excellency The Chief Justice Of High Court Of State Of Tamilnadu  Justice M.F.J. Pon Durai   graced the occasion , and many VIPs along with Universities Rectors, Chancellors, Parliamentarians & Legislators ,  Principals, Professors, Scientists, Lawyers, Academicians ,NGOs Heads  also participated in Seminar & Convocation & were also awarded for their EXCELLENCE SERVICES TO HUMANITY .The Program  was  organised by AUGP in association with IDCRF

Besides Dr. Madhu Krishan, andChief Justice  Mr. M.F.J. Pon Durai, , Dr. RD Lawrance  Dr. Ganesh babu The Principal  & Dr. Kruppasamy Ramanathan ,Director Of Nehru Institute Of Technology also delivered inspiring Speaches during the Seminar & Convocation

By :- Dr. RD Lawerence,
Executive Director Of IDCRF & AUGP