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Eminent Scientist His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan Conferred Doctorate Degree and Prestigious Award " ACADEMY AWARD " For Establishing Global Peace upon H.E. Dr. Chrysostomos Vassili

Eminent Scientist His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan, The Founder and Chairman Of " ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE " - AUGP ; Conferred Doctorate Degree and  Prestigious Award " ACADEMY AWARD " For Establishing Global Peace  upon H.E. Dr. Chrysostomos Vassili

.Dr. Madhu Krishan also ordained  / Commissioned H.E. Dr. Chrysostomos Vassili as PATRIARCH  of AUGP In UK and Cyprus on the basis of the resolution passed by the World Governing Counsel of AUGP in 70 Nations.  

A Brief Profile Of H.E. Dr. Chrysostomos Vassili -

H.E. Dr. Chrysostomos Vassili Is the Chairman of the Vassili Group and Vice Chairman of Monavia Group & Chairman of URGC 'United Refugee Green Council'.

Dr. Vassili is responsible for introducing and coordinating some of the largest contracts in the world for green energy, housing and infrastructure.

Unlike other businessmen, Dr. Vassili does not chase business, he instead seeks out to see the needs of suffering countries and people whether it is for electricity needs, housing, education or health, he strives to recognise a need and creates sustainable solutions which are offered to help resolve crisis in a country.

His dedication to a green planet is his ambition, creating green sustainable solutions that benefit mankind, environment and our planet. 

Message from H.E. Ambassador Dr. Chrysostomos 'Thomas' Vassili

In life we look for truths which we often apply as our guidance in life; but what is 'truth., the truth is what you believe or want to believe, but that does not necessarily make it the truth, the truth is based upon the realities of the world around us, and if you want to see the realities with your own eyes then take a walk through some of the refugee camps or cardbord-shack cities and see the reality of homelessness, mothers who do not know where the next meal will come from to feed her children, mothers having to sit and watch their child slowly die due to disease, watching and hearing the cries of suffering of those around us and feeling powerless to help, these are the harsh truths of this world which many of us feel their is nothing we can do or close our eyes to it or we hope they will recieve help from someone, and it is at this point that we are convincing ourselves of what we want to believe. Writing a message on facebook or to a minister is still something which will eventually lead to something, there is always something we can do 

Truth is our foundation in life, but when our foundations are not what they seem then what sort of foundations are we building our lives upon? will what we build on such foundations stand and hold us strong in our lives and our childrens lives, or will they eventually crumble beneath our feet? there is a reason why we use the word truth and their is a reason why we manipulate its use, but there is no reason why we canot change and strengthen our position in life which will naturally follow through to our children and other,s we are the architects of our future, what we do and build up in our lives is up to us, God gave us free will, we use it, some better than others, but as long as we all apply our foundations upon truth, morality, peace, respect for our fellow brother and sister and love, despite, race, color sex, status, religion, then what we build will hold strong in our lives and strong enough for our children to build upon, we have been blessed with free will, so what is our excuse?  

After all, was it not the foundation upon the 10 Commandments from God that three of the great religions are built upon and civilisation? foundations are our starting point to every building block in our life, lay each brick with truth and you will create a blessed life.  

We cannot change or bring change unless we do so first within ourselves. Change is as easy as replacing one thought with another, it is not a question if we can or cannot do so, it is a question if we want to, God gave us the free will to do so, so why waist this gift God has given to each and everyone of us. 

Believing in all things good is the ritious path in life, it is the path towards a good future that leads to good things in life whether those things be personal, familial, social, educational, spiritual or occupational. 

Faith is to believe what you do not see, the reward of this is to see what you believe

As Chairman of my organisations I hold great responsibility in all I do, that same responsibility we all carry within ourselves and those we love, carefore and guide in life and if we applied it in all things then all good things will only lead to other good things. 

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H.E. URGC Ambassador Dr. Amelia Constantinou
 and H.E. Dr. Leonie Constantinou.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Eminent Scientist His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan,Conferred Doctorate Degree and Prestigious Award " ACADEMY AWARD " For Establishing Global Peace upon H.E. URGC Ambassador Dr. Amelia Constantinou and H.E. Dr. Leonie Constantinou. and ordained Dr. Amelia and Leonie Constantinou as AMBASSADOR AT LERGE of AUGP In UK & Cyprus

Eminent Scientist His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan, The Founder and Chairman Of " ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE " - AUGP ; Conferred Doctorate Degree and  Prestigious Award " ACADEMY AWARD " For Establishing Global Peace  upon H.E. URGC Ambassador Dr. Amelia Constantinou and H.E. Dr. Leonie Constantinou.

.Dr. Madhu Krishan also ordained Dr. Amelia and Leonie Constantinou  as AMBASSADOR AT LARGE of AUGP In UK & Cyprus on the basis of the resolution passed by the World Governing Counsel of AUGP in 70 Nations.  

A Brief Profile :- 

H.E. URGC Ambassador Dr. Amelia Constantinou          
 Ambassador At Large For Global Peace Dr. Amelia Constantinou
ACADEMY AWARD For Establishing Global Peace 
through the Protection of - Fragile Ecology and Environment for Sustainability.
MD of Vassili Group 
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H.E. URGC Ambassador Dr. Leonie Constantinou
Ambassad At Large For Global Peace Dr. Amelia Constantinou
ACADEMY AWARD For Establishing Global Peace
 through the Protection of Of Fragile Ecology and  Environment for Sustainability.
MD of Vassili Group 
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Their Excellences Amelia and Leonie Constantinou are sisters and partnered in their work, working as a team.
Both are Ambassadors to URGC ‘’United Refugee Green Council’’ focussing on finding solutions to restore human rights, emergency accommodation, housing, water, sanitation, education, health, social development, socioeconomic development, vocational training, women and child protection programs, environmental impact. Applying a green foundation to their ethos and sustainable solutions.
Both are also directors of the Vassili Group Ltd who have an international market presence in areas of planning, engineering, construction, green energy, green housing, health, education and other sustainable green solutions. The Vassili Group direction towards applying a green ethos and foundation to all their practices emanated through Amelia and Leonie.
Their drive on focussing on environmental and climate issues was born from the millions of environmental and climate refugees who have been forced into displacement. Their determination to find sustainable solutions to combat this situation led them to developing a variety of sustainable socioeconomic programs which involved growing of crops via hydroponic soil free, indoor agriculture which creates 100% free crop damage, using only 2% of the water required that of outdoor land faming, 70-90% less fertilizer required, crops grow 70% faster, all powered by natural green energy, allowing sustainable food produce in areas that are unfit for farming which had caused the displacement, which further allows displaced people to return to their homes.
This was extended to green energy generated poultry farming, egg farms, beef and dairy farming with additional industry created from their bi-products and waste.
Their efforts not only creates sustainable food source which relieves hunger and famine, it creates an industry, socioeconomic infrastructure, resolving water issues for irrigation, increasing land farming crop yields from 40% produced on land to 100% whilst at the same time providing opportunities for creation of industry and all 100% environmentally and climate friendly.
Their solutions did not stop there, they extended to the same green clean power source that provides the energy for their indoor farming programs to providing clean energy supply to homes and street lighting creating green sustainable living environments and communities.
Their work further entered finding green sustainable solutions for the protection of refugees/displaced people from which they introduced green emergency accommodation and green housing totally self-sufficient in power supply applying building materials that were energy efficient, quick to construct and up to 200 years anticorrosion, creating long term sustainable green housing solutions.
The issues that many refugees were faced with were the enslaving of women as child brides or sold for sex and abuse of children who are refugees. They introduced holistic programs that provide vocational training and education within a 24/7 secured, monitored and protective environment where schooling from primary to secondary level is provided, vocational training, health centres, sports facilities, arts and social integration development through their UNNA HIOS programs.
They recognised the needs of adults who are refugees/displaced people who require a vocation, training and education and signed contracts with various universities so that they can introduce higher educational programs so as to encourage academia and development for near future generations of educated service providers that also helps apply opportunities, development and economic growth.
Sustainable solutions are not presented in theory alone, this is something that they disagree with, their solutions to help relieve suffering and offer developmental opportunities are based upon practical sustainability of services that are needed and can be applied economically as well as efficiently with quick results. They are the world’s most forward thinkers in creating sustainable green solutions to a world that has 44 million refugees/displaced people. Where there seems to be no choices or solutions to such people, they provide the choices and solutions that can realistically be applied.
Their work helps cut costs to supporting UN Agencies, in many cases showing that they can cut costs to the UN by up to 90% and increase efficiency and support systems by up to 100% which allows UN Agencies greater savings that can be directed towards saving more lives.
Their holistic green ethos and approach creates much diplomacy in areas where often seems impossible to apply, they help contribute towards global peace through the protection of fragile ecology & environment in sustainability via green intervention, they help create peace by establishing programs that allow the restoration of homes, healthcare, education, social development, socioeconomic infrastructure, safety and community.
Green energy is an area where they have also lobbied and active in by providing green energy solutions to governments where up to 90% of their citizens have no mains power supply. They have entered into contracts with Governments to help resolve their country’s energy crisis via green sustainable energy which benefits the environment and climate.
Their excellences continue to strive towards aiding humanity and we expect to see many more achievements from them in the near future.

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 Vassili Group

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H.E  Dr. Kevin Kemal Yildirim  
The International Governor and DEAN Of AUGP,
And The Professor of Sociology  In 

on Race relations , Panama city, Panama;

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan, Conferred Doctorate and Prestigious Award " ACADEMY AWARD " For Establishing Global Peace upon Dr Salézio Plácido Pereira The President Of World Academy Of Human Science. He is also ordained as Ambassador At Large Of AUGP in USA

His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan, The Founder and Chairman Of " ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE " - AUGP ; Conferred Doctorate Degree and  Prestigious Award " ACADEMY AWARD " For Establishing Global Peace upon Dr Salézio Plácido Pereira  The President Of World Academy Of Human Science. He is also ordained as Ambassador At Large Of AUGP in USA 
 Brief Profile Of Prof. Dr Salézio Plácido Pereira 

Psychoanalyst and writer
Professor psychoanalyst Dr. Placido Salézio Pereira was born in Araranguá-SC, and at the age of nineteen came to study in Santa Maria-RS, all his philosophical training, Theological and Pedagogical was performed with effort and dedication. Soon after, became psychopedagogist attending children with learning disabilities. Held his training in psychoanalysis, became a psychoanalyst and held his masters in educational psychology at the University of Santa Maria-RS, was a university professor of the same institution for more than five years. He devoted himself as a psychoanalyst, for over thirty years in the training of future psychoanalysts.
Lived in Buenos Aires - Argentina where remained for five years, where he conducted his scientific research on the epistemology of humanistic psychoanalysis, was awarded the title of doctor of social psychology. There was a lot of difficulty at the beginning of his career as a psychoanalyst, because his training was of the humanities, therefore, suffered boycotts, persecution unfortunately these people do not know the history of psychoanalysis. Fortunately got over it and asserted himself as a great psychoanalyst, coming to be recognized by the International Society of Erich Fromm, being the representative in South America.                        
    His studies as a psychoanalyst and scientist, distinguished by the publication of his doctoral thesis, "The complexity of the Unconscious," and then followed up with several other books like 'My unhealthy life - clinical case studies ", defender of thinking this humanistic psychoanalytic school argued that the social, cultural social and political influence, are at the origin of neuroses. Currently this guiding doctoral theses in the humanist university of the Americas, where is its current director. Finally, he became a man with creative ideas, his life has always been marked by enormous challenges. He lost his father when he was fourteen while living in Araranguá-SC. Years later, he became involved in social movements and was impressed by the inhumanity, poverty, poverty of values that were present in the lives of these people. Kept thinking and reflecting on human behaviors such as alcoholism, licit drugs, and illicit drugs, violence and all sorts of problems, which were part of society, especially its association with the military regime in an age of totalitarianism, persecution and silence.
      After his doctorate, decided to start writing several books on the epistemology of humanistic psychoanalysis, always been a part of the psychoanalytic movement at the international level, where he received support and recognition for their work in training and research of the unconscious mind. All these scientific research, can be found in the form of articles written by your fellow psychoanalysts. Was also the founder of the Brazilian Psychoanalytic Society Humanist, an effort and dedication to disseminate psychoanalytic knowledge in the areas of human and social sciences.
Currently engaged in the research education in humanistic psychoanalysis through humanistic university of the americas, which is recognized by several organizations, institutes and scientists. Due to the success of their scientific publications, decided to found the world academy of human sciences, with the desire to bring together all academic areas of the human and social sciences, to promote peace between nations and the science and research in countries where there is no scientific knowledge. After its publication, "Considerations on the humanistic psychoanalysis of Erich Fromm" definitely marks the epistemology of this school within the psychoanalytic science. His current line of research follows the enlightenment of the world of emotions and drives, as a teacher conducts his seminars at the Institute of Humanist psychoanalysis, and also lectures, courses, and prestige at national and international recognition.
                                    In 2014 he wrote two important books on teaching and research in science; "Psychoanalysis: Science and Creativity", "The Origin of Science", below is listed the name of their published works to date, which can be purchased on the website: www.ITPHRS.ORG. –

Books written by the author:
  • Hypochondria : My Life sick . 1998. 126 Pág.
  • Considerations " Humanist Psychoanalysis by Erich Fromm. 2006. Pág.310
  • The Nature of Emotions Unconscious. 2007. Pág. 177
  • The Dilemma of Being Human in Existence. 2007. Pág.227
  • The meaning of the Unconscious Images . 2007. Pág. 207
  • The complexity of the Unconscious. 2008. 271 Pág.
  • Humanistic and Existential psychopathology . 2009. 225 pág.
  • The Theory and Practice of Psychoanalysis : From Freud to Fromm. 2009. Pág.183
  • Promotion and Prevention of Emotional Health . 2010. Pág. 166.
  • The interpretation of psychosomatic symptoms. 2010. Pág.195 pág.
  •  The fear of love . 2010. 181 Pág.
  • The clinic of emotions and instincts in psychoanalysis humanist . 2010. Pág. 158
  •  Violence in Education: The sale of the Minds. 2011. Pág. 137
  • Death instinct . 2011. Pág. 139
  • Meet your emotions. 2011. 165pág.
  • The Interpretation of Dreams. 2012. 176 Pág.
  • Overcoming the trauma in psychoanalysis. 2012. Pág. 177
  • Unconscious Mind. 2012.  230 Pág.
  • The biophilia Love. 2013. 290 Pág.
  • Psychoanalysis Leader Humanist. 2013 176 Pág.
  • Cultural unconscious. 2014. 197 Pág.
  • Psychoanalysis: Science and creativity. 2014. Pág.330
  • The Origin of Science. 2014, Pág. 178

Organization and Guidance Thesis and Research.
  • Happiness and psychoanalysis. 2003 - Lisiane H. Machado. P. 140
  • Psychoanalysis in the third milenio. Antonio Mark Tonetto. 2003. Pg. 260
  • Disclaimer: The marks of life. 2003. Angelica Hendges. 2003. Pg. 134
  • Marriage: Happiness or misery. Beatriz M. Florian. 2003. 162
  • The trajectory of dreams in the history of mankind. MercedezBraum. 2003. Pág.230
  • The Humanist psychoanalysis a holistic vision. Catherine Strong Brum. 2003. Pág124
  • Forgiveness: The Way of consciousness. Renato Nunes days. 2007. 158.
  • The inlfuencia of neurosis in people's lives. Vera Regina Silva Portella. 2007. Pág.208
  • Interfaces psychoanalytic clinic. 2009. Pág. 378
  • Humanist Psychoanalysis ; THEORY AND CLINICAL . 2010. Pág. 322
  • Through Transformation of Psychoanalysis. 2011. Pág.265 pág.
  • The Theory and Technique of Psychoanalysis Humanistic. 2012. Pág.244
  • Psychopathology of Psychical diseases . 2013. Pág.271
  • The Interpretation of Dreams. 2013. Pág. 492
  • Theories of psychoanalysis. 2014. Pág. 263
  • Female Wound: A study of somatization. Rosangela C. M. do Amaral. 2014. Pág.163.
  • Family, education and society: From the vision of humanistic psychoanalysis .. Doralina Jane Costa Soilo. 2014. Pág.203
  • Psychoanalysis in everyday- Odette Therese Bittencourt. 2014. Page 96 .

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan has Conferred Doctorate Degree upon Prof. Dr. Gabriel César Dias Lopes, The Director General of LOGOS INSTITUTE , Brazil and Honoured Him With " ACADEMY AWARD"

Education / titration

His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan has Conferred Doctorate Degree upon  Prof. Dr. Gabriel César Dias Lopes, The Director General of LOGOS INSTITUTE , Brazil on the basis of the Resolution Passed by the World Council Of Governing Council & The Board of Governors.

A Treaty between the two International Organization AUGP and Logos Institute to work in Affiliation to each other and in close associations / collaboration  is also adapted in the Governing Council.

Dr. Madhu Krishan also Conferred upon  Prof Dr. Gabriel César Dias Lopes
 The Prestigious Award " ACADEMY AWARD " for Establishing Global Peace through Education  For Sustainable Development For making the Nations Strong.

A Brief Profile Of Prof Dr. Gabriel César Dias Lopes

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Nme: Gabriel César Dias Lopes
Dados validated with the Federal Revenue of Brazil

Name in citations: LOPES, G. C. D.

Graduation: Technology in Human Resource Management - UNOPAR / Degree in Theology - UNIEB / MBA in Marketing and Strategic Management - UCAM / Training in Psychoanalysis Clinic - APHEF / Post Graduate in Psychoanalysis Faculty Einstein (FACEI) / Specialties: Acupuncture Chinese Classical - school Zang-Fu / Specialization Postgraduate Sensu Lato in Traditional Chinese Medicine Faculty Einstein - FACEI / Gestalt Therapy (Advanced Level and Supervision) - ESF - SP / has Dh.C Doctorate in Psychoanalysis from the University Emill Brunner (2012), With Recognition of Cambridge University - UK. He has experience in Public Health with emphasis in Acupuncture. / Ambassador Honorary Founder of the World Academy of Human Sciences - Diplomatic Corps Recognized by the UN / Director of DEIPS - Economics Division, Research and Health Prevention of L'Assemblée Citoyenne Européenne (France) / Member of the Association Française de Psychanalyse Evolutive (France) / Special Adviser to the exchange with Psychoanalytic Schools Around the World - Association Française de Psychanalyse Evolutive (France)
Doctorate in Doctor of Christian Philosophy.
Institute of Theological Education.
Title: Honorary Title, Year obtained: 2014.
Advisor: Prof. Rev. James Santos da Silva.
Co-supervisor: Prof. Rev. James Santos da Silva.
2013 - 2013
Doctorate in Honorary Doctorate in Acupuncture.
Athenaeum Scientific Luke the Physician.
Title: DHC - Doctor Honoris Causa, Year obtained: 2013.
Advisor: Dr. José Gomes.
Co-supervisor: Dr. José Gomes.
Major Area: Health Sciences / Area: Medicine / Subarea: Acupuncture.
2010 - 2012
Doctorate in psychoanalysis.
Theological Institute Emill Brunner, EBUA, Brazil.
Title: Psychoanalysis in traditional Chinese medicine, Year obtained: 2012.
2012 - 2014
Specialization in Psychoanalysis. (Hourly Load: 500h).
Faculty Einstein.
Title: Psychoanalytic Studies Within a Social Context.
Advisor: Dr. José Augusto Maciel Torres.
2012 - 2013
Specialization in MBA in Marketing and Strategic Management. (Hourly Load: 495h).
Candido Mendes University, UCAM, Brazil.
Title: Marketing Health.
Advisor: Candido Mendes University.
2012 - 2012
Specialization in Gestalt therapy. (Hourly Load: 360h).
Space E. F. Alternative Therapies and Holistic.
Title: Training and Development in Firm Behavior.
Advisor: Dr. Elder Fraga.
2011 - 2012
Specialization in broad sense in traditional Chinese medicine. (Hourly Load: 1300H).
Faculty Einstein.
Title: Mental Illness in view of MTC.
Advisor: Dr. Bruno Italu.
2010 - 2011
Specialization in Psychoanalysis CLINIC. (Hourly Load: 1560h).
Advanced College of Higher Education.
Title: Psychoanalysis in traditional Chinese medicine.
Advisor: Prof. Dr. Valdivino A. de Sousa.
2008 - 2010
Specialization in Acupuncture Classical Chinese. (Hourly Load: 1200h).
Zang Fu School of Classical Acupuncture.
Title: Acupuncture on Mental Illness.
Advisor: Dr. Allan Ponts.
2008 - 2008
Specialization in Acupuncture Aesthetics. (Hourly Load: 300h).
Alexander Institute Valle.
Title: Auriculotherapy in Obesity.
Advisor: Alexandre Albuquerque Valle de Oliveira.
2009 - 2009
Improvement in Cranioacupuntura Yamamoto. (Hourly Load: 20h).
School of Therapies Ancencionados Masters.
Title: Role of points Y. Year end: 2009.
Supervisor: Pierre Clement Son.
Graduation underway in RIGHT (Law).
2009 - 2011
Degree in Theology.
Title: Gospel of Jasher.
Advisor: Prof. Dr. José Gomes.
2007 - 2010
Degree in Human Resource Management.
University of Northern Paraná, UNOPAR, Brazil.
Title: Complementary Therapies and Quality of Life.
Advisor: Juliana Meleiro.

Complementary Training
2005 - 2066
Continuing education in orthomolecular and Biomolecular. (Credit Hours: 400h).
Solar Logos Institute for Holistic Research.
2013 - 2013
Chiropractic. (Credit Hours: 300h).
Logos Institute.
2010 - 2010
Continuing education in Emotional Speech and Leadership in the Person Management. (Credit Hours: 150h).
Solar Logos Institute for Holistic Research.
2009 - 2009
Diversity in the Organization. (Credit Hours: 8h).
Getúlio Vargas Foundation.
2009 - 2009
Human Resources. (Credit Hours: 8h).
Getúlio Vargas Foundation.
2009 - 2009
Business Ethics. (Credit Hours: 8h).
Getúlio Vargas Foundation.
2009 - 2009
Science and Technology. (Credit Hours: 8h).
Getúlio Vargas Foundation.
2006 - 2007
Continuing education in Classical Homeopathy. (Credit Hours: 800h).
Solar Logos Institute for Holistic Research.
2006 - 2006
Specialized Kinesiology. (Credit Hours: 200h).
Alexander Institute Valle.

2005 - 2005

professional performance

Diplomatic Mission Peace And Prosperity, DMPP, Albânia.
institutional link
2015 - Present
Type of contract: HONORARY CONSUL, Functional Placement: Member of the Diplomatic Corps

Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity has been established by the initiative of the former American Ambassador Richard Holbrooke,[4] as a peace mission in the Balkans and around the world, under the ideas of the movement for Peace and Prosperity of the former American President Dwight D. Eisenhower.[5][6] DMPP is a global organization for peace supported by a big group of diplomats worldwide. A huge contribution for the establishment of this mission has been given also by Dr. Ibrahim Rugova,[7] former President of Kosovo. Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity works for the creation of more powerful lobbies with world personalities in support of Balkans democratic developments, of those of the countries under development, according to the UN s principles and American democracy.[8] This mission lobbies to teach the countries under development how to self-govern according to the model of the American democracy. The activity of DMPP is extended in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Italy, Israel, Turkey, France, Belgium, USA, South America, Africa, Australia, India, etc. Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity collaborates with many personalities, peace missionaries, diplomats and politicians from the Balkans and different countries of the World. Collaborators of this mission are also many personalities who have given their contributions for the global peace, such as American Senator Bob Dole, General Wesley Clark, Prince Michael of Kent, diplomat Dr. Haim Reitan, Ambassador William Weiss, American Congressman Devin Nunes, American Congressman Gary Peters, Dr. Roberto Cohen, Dr. Madhu Krishan, Jennifer Lim, etc. Other contributions for peace and prosperity which come through DMPP have been given also by the missionaries from Balkans such as Dr. Ilir Meta, Dr. Namik Dokle, Dr. Petro Koçi, Dr. Gani Hoxha, Dr. Makbule Çeço, Albanian deputy Shpëtim Idrizi, Albanian writer Dritëro Agolli, weightlifting champion Muharrem Berisha, Hashim Thaçi, Prime Minister of Koso.

Pan European Federation of TCM Societies, PEFOTS, Espanha.

institutional link

2014 - Present
Type of contract: Member of the Federation, Functional Placement: Member of the Federation, Exclusive Dedication.

Practitioner's Register, FEMTC, Espanha.
institutional link
2014 - Present
Type of contract: Member of the Federation, Functional Placement: Member of the Federation, Exclusive Dedication.
Humanistic University of American, HUA, USA.
institutional link
2014 - Present
Type of contract: Advisor Professor MSc and PhD, Functional Placement: Advisor, Credit Hours: 5
other information
Advisor Professor of Masters and Doctorate in Humanistic University Of American, located at 13281 SW 25 - STREET, FLORIDA, MIAMI, 33175 - USA PHONE: (US) 1-786-3021275 / 786-3407662 (BRAZIL) Santa Maria -RSa.
The World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies, WFAS, China.
institutional link
2014 - Present
Type of contract: conveniado, Functional Placement: Academic Director conveniado, Exclusive Dedication.
other information
International organization founded in 1987 that promotes acupuncture worldwide. Organizes symposiums and conferences around the world, facilitates the process of gaining legal status for acupuncture within the international community, develops educational resources, and conducts academic publications. Recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) is an advisory body of the same. Also called WFAS.

The World Academy of Human Sciences, WAOHS, USA.
institutional link
2014 - Present
Link: Ambassador Honorary Founder, Functional Placement: Director for Psychoanalysis and Chinese Medic, Exclusive Dedication.
other information
BODY RECOGNIZED BY DIPLOMATIC UNITED NATIONS - UN The World Academy of Human Sciences was founded on 04 October 2014 On the record number __ N 100 009 305 in the city of Miami, Florida, USA, and Also by the European Union with the record number 935 324 441 primary objective of, the congregation of scientists from different areas of knowledge and other countries, for the defense of world peace, human rights and human development, These effective members of the academy will receive a diploma, credential, Copy of the statute, with titration Honorary CONSUL AMBASSADOR or one who exercises his DIPLOMATIC services for the promotion of peace WORLD AMONG THE NATIONS, who sympathizes and socializes his knowledge cientific fOR THE pROMOTION oF RESEARCH IN COMPANIES aND science THAT DO NOT HAVE CONDITIONS DEVELOPING of SCIENTIFIC PROJECTS. It is a private association incorporated for an indefinite team, nonprofit with headquarters in the city of Santa Maria-RS, searching for SCIENTISTS for voluntary collaboration to Develop scientific studies and research for the promotion of mental health, education and the training of Their potential intelligence of all citizens of our country and in any part of our planet. Director for Psychoanalysis and Chinese Medicine. Dr. Gabriel César Dias Lopes - (Minas Gerais - Brazil)
L'Assemblée Citoyenne Européenne, LACE, France.
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2014 - Present
Type of contract: Director, Functional Placement: DEIPS DIRECTOR, Exclusive Dedication.
other information
The DEIPS is a section created by the Assembly of European Citizens (L'Assemblée Citoyenne Européenne). The goal of DEIPS is closer ties between Health experts around the world, promoting the work of Economics, Research and Health Prevention, both Western medicine as the Medicines Eastern Millenary. Our Body of Directors representing the different areas of Health Sectors Our Mission is the debate and the political and social intervention in the framework of Health, holding meetings, conferences and creating bodies of orientation of the various practices of Prevention and Health maintenance, aligning. - if the WHO Health policies.

Fundación Europea of Traditional Medicine China, FEMTC, Spain.
institutional link

2014 - Atual
Link: ARRANGED, Enquadramento Functional: Diretor ARRANGED, Regime: Exclusive Dedicação.
Outras informações
The project of the European Foundation of TCM born in 1988, promoted by Ramon Maria Calduch and fruit of a collaboration agreement with the prestigious GUANG AN MEN Hospital of Chinese Medicine Beijing. The result of this agreement was the inauguration - January 10, 1989 - Europe's first clinic dedicated exclusively to comprehensive treatment with Chinese medicine in Amposta (Catalonia). A year later, the Agreement is ratified and another agreement with the School of Chinese Medicine Beijing University Hospital Annex, DONG ZHI MEN are refirma. This new step not only provides health care in clinics, but also looking beyond teaching and research. Under these assumptions, a period of expansion that takes shape with the opening of two new clinical centers starts: MTC Center Guang An Men in Valencia (March 1990) and the Centro di Medicina Cinese Tradizionale Villa Giada in Rome (January 1991). Within the teaching framework, the School of MTC of Amposta was created in 1990, and began to be taught courses in Chinese medicine in Amposta and Valencia (later in Rome) led by prestigious medical professors of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM) according with BUCM curriculum. Continuing growth dynamics in 1993 two new centers of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, located in Barcelona and Madrid were inaugurated. This dynamic is enhanced by the regular holding of the International Congress of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, with the dual purpose of making known to a wider public Chinese medicine and holistic health system, and providing an opportunity to bring together experts from around the world to discuss research topics.
Practitioner s Register, PR, Espanha.
institutional link
2014 - Present
Link: Associate, Functional Placement: Associate, Exclusive Dedication.
other information
Practitioner's Register es una asociación of acupuncturists y profesionales china medicine nace as fruit de la colaboración entre la Fundación Europea Traditional Medicine of China and Pan European Federation Of TCM Societies (PEFOTS). Dr. Gabriel César Dias Lopes Register number: PR No. 11408-2448

COUNCIL BRAZILIAN Psychoanalysis, CBP, Brazil.
institutional link
2013 - Current
Type of contract: CBP-MG REGIONAL PRESIDENT, Functional Placement: PRESIDENT, Hours: 5
other information
Solar Logos Institute for Holistic Research, ILS, Brazil.
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2006 - Current
Link: Director, Functional Placement: Educational Director, Credit Hours: 40
other information
Board and Teaching in Natural Therapies
City Hall Manhumirim, PMM, Brazil.
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2012 - 2013
Type of contract: SECRETARY OF COMMUNICATION, Functional Placement: SECRETARY OF COMMUNICATION, Hours: 40
other information
Brazilian Association of Holistic Therapists, ABRATH, Brazil .
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2011 - 2012
Link: NATIONAL VICE PRESIDENT, Enquadramento Functional: NATIONAL VICE PRESIDENT, hours: 10
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2010 - 2011
Link: NATIONAL VICE PRESIDENT, Enquadramento Functional: NATIONAL VICE PRESIDENT, hours: 10

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Text in Newspapers / magazines
LOPES, G. C. D.. Gabriel Lopes: Awarded Doctor of Psychoanalysis. Tribune East, Manhuaçu-MG, p. 21-21 02 December 2012.



LOPES, G. C. D.. Failing yes! Do not fail !. Caparaó PORTAL, 20 December 2012.

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