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Dr. Madhu Krishan and Dr. Shefki Hysa Conferred Doctorate Degree To Mr. Muhamet Malo

His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan Founder & Chiarman Of " ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE " - " AUGP ' , who is also Honry. Chiaran Of Diplomatic Mission - DMPP,  and Ambassador Dr. Shefki Hysa The Governor Of Diplomatic Mission - DMPP who is also International Governor Of AUGP , Conferred Doctorate Degree To Mr. Muhamet Malo a well known Wrestler & Leader of Peace Sport , on the basis of  Resolution Passed  by the World Governing Council Of AUGP in USA .

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A Brief Profile Of Dr. Muhamet Malo – The Leader of Peace Sports

Muhamet Malo was born on 13th May 1957 in Tirana, Albania. He passed his childhood in his birthplace where he finished his primary and elementary school. He finished his high school studies in the Vocational High School “Josif Pashko”. After finishing high school, he conducted several trainings and courses on business management.
Muhamet Malo has been one of the most remarkable sportsmen in wrestling and has been distinguished during his sports career. From 1971 to 1977 he started his wrestling activity with the sports club “The student”. In 1977 he was wrestler in the sports club “The Partisan” for two years, until 1979. From 1979 to 1990 Muhamet Malo was wrestler at the sports club “The student”.
Mr. Muhamet Malo, Honorary Advisor of DMPP
Muhamet Malohas a very rich background on work experience in several fields besides that of sports.  He was President of the Albanian Wrestling Federation from 1992 to 1996. Since 2005 Muhamet Malo is President of the Albanian National Association of Wrestling.  In 2008 he was nominated Honorary President of the Albanian Wrestling Federation and continues to carry this post. In December 2013 Muhamet Malo was appointed President of the Albanian Wrestling Federation but on January 2014 he resigned from this post for personal reasons. Muhamet Malo is president of two companies “Top Start” and “Dajti Ekspres” and also President of the TV station “Telesport”.
During his sports career, Muhamet Malo has received many titles and has been declared champion several times of the Cup of Republic. From 1981 to 1982 he has been National Champion of 82-90 kg in Greek-roman style. In 1982 he was conferred the title Sports Master for his remarkable contributions in sports.
Muhamet Malo, Honorary Advisor of DMPP
Muhamet Malo has been contributor and donor of many sports federations especially in heavy sports such as weightlifting, judo, wrestling, athletics etc,   in national and international activities of Albanian sports. He has also sponsored many organizations of orphans, blind people and paraplegics. For these reasons, he has been decorated and honored with Certificates by different International organizations.
In 2004 Muhamet Malo received as acknowledgement the title Sport et Media CIO-IOC by the Albanian Olympic Committee. Muhamet Malo was the second personality to receive this title after the president Rexhep Mejdani. On 23rd October 2005, Muhamet Malo was acknowledged by the Albanian Athletics Federation for the contribution given in the actualization of the Marathon of Tirana, Memorial of Mother Teresa.
In 2006, Muhamet Malo received acknowledgement as President of  “Dajti Ekspres” company, as one of the best businessmen of the year by the Albanian Center on Investigative Journalism and the Chamber of Commerce of Tirana. In October of the same year, he was acknowledged in San Marino by the European Weightlifting Federation. In 2nd December 2007, the National Institute of Albanian Orphans Education acknowledged Muhamet Malo, as a dignified Representative of the Albanian business for the valuable contribution in help of the people in need especially orphans.
Muhamet Malo, Honorary Advisor of DMPP
In June 2009, he was conferred an Acknowledgement Certificate for the special contribution during years for the values preservation, creation and consolidation of the school Bajram Curri. In October 2009 as President of Dajti Ekspres Company he is evaluated with the price “Albanian Leader 2009”. In 2009, Muhamet Malo received also a Medal by the European Wrestling Federation.
During 2011, Muhamet Malo received acknowledgment by several institutions such as: Albanian Weightlifting Federation, Albanian Judo Federation, Albanian Athletics Federation and Albanian Weightlifting Federation. He was also acknowledged by the Albanian Blinds Association and was also appointed Member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Albania.
Muhamet Malo, as an intellectual erudite with a noble and charitable heart, has helped a lot the social classes in need. He is one of the most committed peace missionaries in the International Lobbying Organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, accredited by UN, EU, USA. In 2011, Muhamet Malo started collaborating with DMPP as a Honorary Member of this mission.In 24 November 2012 Muhamet Malo received acknowledgement by the 5thInternational Tour in Wrestling Adem Jashari. In November 2013 he was acknowledged by the Federation of Judo for his continuous contribution and support for the judo sport in Albania. In 2013 the Weightlifting Federation gave him a degree for his valuable continuous support in the development of weightlifting and the sponsorship of the federation and European and World Championships.
Since 2014, Muhamet Malo is an Honorary Advisor of this mission that operates in the Balkans and worldwide for peace and prosperity in help of the countries under development, according to the principles of the American democracy.

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Arba Berdica
Top Advisor of DMPP

Dr. Madhu Krishan & Dr. Shefki Hysa Conferred Doctorate Degree To Muhamet Malo in Tirana & Commissioned him as Honorary PEACE AMBASSADOR of DMPP. and

Dr. Madhu Krishan & Dr. Shefki Hysa Conferred Doctorate Degree To Muhamet Malo in Tirana & Commissioned him as  Honarary PEACE AMBASSADOR of DMPP.

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Dr. Madhu Krishan & Dr. Shefki Hysa Conferred Doctorate Degree To Dr. Sandor Milesz of Hungary In Budhapest, Hungary.

Dr. Madhu Krishan & Dr. Shefki Hysa Conferred Doctorate Degree To Dr. Sandor Milesz of Hungary  and

His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan The Founder and Chairman Of Academy Of Universal Global Peace -AUGP   and Dr. Shefki Hysa The International Governor Of AUGP & also Governor of Diplomatic Mission  - DMPP ,   Conferred 
" Dr. Sador Milesz " with Doctorate Degree on the basis of The Resolution Passed in USA By The World Governing Council Of International Governors Of  70 Nations of AUGP . 
Dr. Madhu Krishan appreciated the Work of Excellence done by Dr. Sandor Milesz specially  his research work in Innovative Agriculture Science & Nuclear Science & also his latest Book on Alovera Science for  Health Sector.
Dr. Madhu Krishan who is also the Honry. Chairman Of Diplomatic Mission DMPP  & Dr. Shefki Hysa The Governor Of Diplomatic Mission DMPP also Ordained Dr. Sador Milesz as Honry. Ambassador Of PEACE  Of Diplomatic Mission In Hungary
Besides The Hon'ble Vice President Of Hungarian Parliament , Many Ministers, Parliamentarians , Heads of various Department  and Organizations , A Well attended Participants of more than 7000 of High Level Delegates from among 80 Nations  witnessed the Convocation Cum Seminar .

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A Brief Profile Of :-

Dr. Sándor Milesz – A Peace Missionary between Hungary and Albania

Dr. Sándor Milesz – A Peace Missionary between Hungary and Albania

Dr. Sándor Milesz was born on 5th November 1958, in Beregszász. He finished his primary school in the Kossuth Lajos Secondary School, then continued his studies in Debrecen, in a Chemical Secondary School. In 1978, he got accepted in the Chemical Department of the University of Debrecen.
Dr. Sándor Milesz , Honorary Ambassador of DMPP
After graduating, in 1983 he became a tutor and researcher of the inorganic and analytics departments and the isotope laboratory of the University. In 1986, he finished his dissertation summa cum laude and became a doctor. That year he became a member of an international researcher group dealing with cancer, in the United Atomic Research Institute in Dubna, with a scholarship of MTA (Hungarian Academy of Science).
As a result of his work, he published several international scientific issues, participated in many conferences, prepared lectures. In addition, he applied for patents. In 1990 he went back to the University of Debrecen as a tutor, and at the same time began producing some products containing herbal components as an entrepreneur and applied for several patents.
From 1995, he became a vice-president of the Hungarian Traditional Medicine Society, the owner of the Pro Natura et Vita prize. In 1997, he got a life-work award in appreciation of his activity in the field of traditional medicine and health care.
Dr. Madhu Krishan, Chairman of AUGP and Honorary Chairman of DMPP and Dr. Sándor Milesz,Honorary Ambassador of DMPP
From 1997, he is the managing director of Forever Living Products Hungary Ltd being the main seller of Aloe Vera products in Hungary, South Slavic region, Albania and Kosovo. During the last years he played a main role in the massive development of the Company and in making the Aloe products widely popular and well-known.
Currently he is the leader of the Ltds, including the affiliated companies abroad, in 12 settlements. Besides Hungary, his activity includes businesses in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania. He provides great support for those in need. He has continuously supported  children with cancer; collected money for the victims of the tidal wave, flood victims, infants. He also provides regular support for young artists and folk arts groups, children’s cultural groups etc.
He fulfills his tasks with the help of more than one million registered regular customers and distributors.
He is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce, the Hungarian Business Leaders Forum, the Joint Venture Association, Confederation of Hungarian Employers and Industrialists, the International Aloe Science Society and the Budapest Economics Forum.
Dr. Shefki Hysa, Governor of DMPP and Dr. Sándor Milesz,Honorary Ambassador of DMPP
In 2012, he won the second classification prize by the Hungarian Ministry of Defense for the hard work of the national defense.
He is the Hungarian Prior of the Sovereign Order of Saint John Knights of Malta and he undertakes responsible job in other Orders. In the framework of this charity organization, Sir Milesz Sándor has gathered donations in support of populations in nature calamities.
For example, two years earlier, when Shkodra region was under flood inundation Malta Sovereign Knights Association with the initiative of Sir Milesz Sándor and Sir Borbáth Attila, Director of Forever Living Products of Albania and representative of Malta Knights in Albania, brought in Albania a donation of medicaments for the hospitals with a value of about 800 000 Euro, transporting these aids with their expenditures.
He does an active work in the International Charity Foundation  “Forever Giving” of Forever Living Products.
He is the editor-in-chief of a commercial and network monthly magazine,  published in 50 thousand copies. In the meantime, he is finishing his first scientific book of Aloe Vera in 2014.
Dr. Milesz Sándor, as an intellectual erudite with a noble and charitable heart, has helped a lot the social classes in need. He is one of the most committed peace missionaries in the International Lobbying Organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, accredited by UN, EU, USA.Dr. Milesz Sándor and his activity are an example for everyday strengthening of traditional Hungarian and Albanian friendship, not only inviting many groups in Hungary in the framework of activity of Forever Living Productions company but in other sectors as is the case of fraternal twinning between of Quarter 8 of Tirana Municipality and Quarter Budajenö of Budapest.
Dr. Milesz Sándor is an Honorary Ambassador of this mission that operates in the Balkans and worldwide for peace and prosperity in help of the countries under development, according to the principles of the American democracy.

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Republic Of Albania- Europe.
Diplomatic Mission
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Dr. Madhu Krishan & Dr. Shefki Hysa Conferred Doctorate Degree To Cary Peterson of USA  and

His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan The Founder and Chairman Of Academy Of Universal Global Peace -AUGP   and Dr. Shefki Hysa The International Governor Of AUGP & also Governor of Diplomatic Mission  - DMPP , Conferred "Cary Lee Peterson" with Doctorate Degree on the basis of The Resolution Passed By The World Governing Council Of International Governors Of AUGP in USA.
Dr. Madhu Krishan also Commissioned Dr. Cary Lee Peterson as Governor of AUGP in USA and authorized him to represent AUGP before all Government, Non-Government, UN, EU, Inter-Governmental ,NGOs & all Public Organisations for the effective implementation and  accomplishment of AUGP Mission Of ESTABLISHING GLOBAL PEACE and Ultimately Building up a TRANSFORMED CIVILIZATION of "PEACE LOVING - PEACE LIVING - PEACE PRACTICING  "  Sustainable Society World Wide For Sustainable Development of Entire Global Civil Society  

Profile Article: Cary Lee Peterson

Cary Lee Peterson in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti 2013
Cary Lee Peterson – 2014
BORNCary Lee Peterson
April 6, 1980 (age 34)
Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
RESIDENCENew York City and Guam (United States)
OCCUPATIONChairman and President of ECCO2 Corp,
Chairman of International Mission for ECCO2 Global Partners
Director and Main Representative (U.N.H.Q., New York)
of Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Study,
Chairman and CEO of RVPlus, Inc.,
Main Representative to UNOV at CMOCDAPUNDHJ,
General Representative to European Parliament at ECCO2
Cary Lee Peterson (born April 6, 1980) is an American businessman and philanthropist who is the Cary Lee Peterson Haiti 2014 founder, chairman, and president for Environmental Control of Carbon Dioxide Corporation [also known as ECCO2 Corp], a US-based non-profit organization that is an admittednon-governmental organization (NGO) partner to United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations Global Compact,European Parliament, and United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).
September 8, 2010 the Associated Press published a news article ‘Haiti Prime Minister and ECCO2 Cary_Lee_Peterson_ECCO2 - 2010Corp Enter Talks for $1.5 Billion Cleantech Project to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Stimulate Economy’. In the article Peterson comments, “The ECCO2 Haiti Project opens up vast employment opportunities and potential economic growth as Haiti continues to restore its infrastructure. While many have turned a blind eye towards them since the disaster, we are honored to be an active part of rebuilding the new Haiti.”
Peterson has participated as an observer delegate in conferences, events, and delegations for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) since 2010 and is a member at United Nations Development Group of the World We Want 2015 Thematic and National Consultant Discussions, UNDP Global Centre for Public Service Excellence, and United Nations Team Works on causes for humanity, economy, and environment since 2012.
In May 2012 Peterson was elected Chief Executive Officer and Chairman for RVPlus, Inc., a publicly listed corporation in the United States of America. As the chief in-command for RVPlus, Inc., the company entered foreign government contracts in Africa and the West Indies totaling a value of $1.9 billion for climate change, social affairs, and energy efficiency with the support of its affiliated organizations, ECCO2 Corp andCentre for Climate Change and Environmental Study. These contracts were filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) asmaterial definitive agreements for RVPlus, Inc..Cary_Lee_Peterson-2010_COP16
November 13, 2010 Peterson interviewed with Africa Biz Talk Radio about cleantech investments in Africa. In 2012 Peterson interviewed with national radio on-air personality Doug Stephan on the Good Day Morning Radio Show where he discussed ECCO2, climate change, and job creation for Americans. In summer 2012 Peterson launched Green Jobs for Veterans Dot Com, a national marketing campaign to allure US military veterans seeking job opportunities during a time in America with a high unemployment rate for military veterans.
In 2013 Peterson was appointed title as the Main Representative to the United Nations HQ, New York at Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Studies, an organization in Special ECOSOC (United Nations Economic and Social Council) Status, in addition to being appointed the title of the Main Representative to the United Nations HQ, Vienna, at Concile Mondial de Congres Diplomatiques des Aumoniers pour la Paix Universelle des Droits Humains et Juridiques (CMOCDAPUNDHJ), an organization in Special ECOSOC Status in October 2013.
In January 2014 Peterson was appointed as an Ambassador of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity (Europe) for his participation and works with civil society groups and diplomatic missions on humanity and peace in Europe and the United Nations.
Cary Lee Peterson is a principal, member, and stakeholder to multiple civil society groups, diplomatic missions, inter-governmental partnerships, and political delegations in West Africa, the CaribbeanEastern Europe, and Micronesia that are affiliated with the United Nations, European Commission (EU), and Small Island Developing States (SIDS).
February 2014 Cary Lee Peterson makes a public statement at the United Nations PrepCom Meeting for Small Island Developing States that his inter-governmental association, ECCO2 Global Partners willAmbassador Cary Lee Peterson  focus on new and expansion development for Millennium Development Goals in the regions of Micronesia and the West Indies. Peterson followed up with an intervention statement on sustainable ecosystems, international partnerships, and economic development at Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Intersessional Meeting (U.N., New York) in April 2014.
In April 2014 Peterson was awarded an honorary doctorate degree for  Inter-governmental Relations and International Diplomacy by the Academy of Universal Global Peace and the Diplomatic Mission on Peace and Prosperity (Europe).
Peterson studied computer science and economics while attending Minneapolis Community & Technical College and National American University-Bloomington, Minnesota from 1997 to 2001. His work history includes working as an Account Executive at the McClatchy Company (Star Tribune), an Account Manager at Conseco Finance and Cinedigm (formerly Unique Screen Media), in addition to over 13 years in capital markets and financial services as a financial advisor and planner in America, the Caribbean, and Asia-Pacific.
Recent News and Media
May 2, 2014 — Cary Lee Peterson Makes Intervention Statement at U.N. on Action Plan for Small Island Developing States
Apr 28, 2014 — ECCO2-GP Launches New Multilateral Partnerships in Small Island Developing States to Aid Post-2015 Development Agenda
Apr 21, 2014 — Multilateral Diplomacy Drives Initiatives of Small Island Developing States’ Major Groups and Stakeholders at United Nations;_ylt=AwrBJSDaqlRTXDIAx67QtDMD
Apr 16, 2014 — Cary Lee Peterson Awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree for Global Peace, Humanity, and Philanthropy
Feb 2, 2014 — Cary Lee Peterson Talks Motives in Micronesia for 2014 on Mission for U.N. Small Island Developing States 145357518.html;_ylt=AwrTWfy2kfRS5CwA0xDQtDMD
Jan 4, 2014 — Romanian Government Announces MOU of Civil Society Organisation to Aid UN Millennium Development Goals
Nov 20, 2013 — Haiti Government Publicizes Its Cooperation and Support for ECCO2 Haiti Program
Nov 8, 2013 — Jamaica Government Enters Partnership with ECCO2 Global Partners to Aid Post-2015 Goals of the United Nations
Oct 21, 2013 — NGO at United Nations Economic and Social Council Appoint New Representative to Vienna Office for European Delegations
Oct 9, 2013 — ECCO2 Founder-President Cary Lee Peterson says Green is Good, U.S. Fed Gov’t Shutdown is Bad
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Dr. Madhu Krishan On The Evaluation Done by Prof. Dr. Benard Etta , The Commissioned International Governor Of AUGP , Conferred Doctorate Degree Upon Ndichia Tilder KUMICHII  and

His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan ,The Founder & Chairman Of " ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE" -AUGP  Conferred Doctorate Degree (Specialization In Arts and Human Letters) upon  Ndichia Tilder KUMICHII Of Cameroon, Africa,  on the Recommendation  and  Evaluation  Done by  Dr. Benard Etta , The Commissioned International Governor Of AUGP   and   on The Basis of The Resolution Passed By the World Governing Council Of AUGP.

A Brief Profile Ndichia Tilder KUMICHII

Ndichia, Tilder KUMICHII


At 50, NDICHIA Tilder Kumichii is an excellent resource person nationally and internationally, recognized for her expertise in gender issues, project monitoring and evaluation, and participatory trainer.  Her understanding of development issues and her strong stance on the importance of social justice through the empowerment of women and youths makes her contribution to impact on the lives of many. She was awarded a Certificate of Excellence on March 8th 2014 for her contribution to the empowerment of women in the North West Region in particular and in Cameroon in general by the Administration of the North West Region.
She has:
·         Excellent skills in oral and written communication, in facilitating and moderating participatory training workshops. seminars and sessions,
·         Excellent skills in processing information using different software programs,
·         Competent in project management, organizational management and organizational Development,
·         Active in promoting and protecting women’s right in particular and human rights in general
·         Creative manager in working with partners, communities and people

Over the past 15 years, KUMICHII  has participated in different trainings and workshops both nationally and internationally on different development related topics ranging from participatory training and working methods, project planning, implementation and evaluation, international Human Rights Law and advocacy, gender sensitive conflict management strategies, advanced security for human rights defender, etc. She offers consulting services on gender and development  related issues and human rights and currently offers voluntary services to Gender Empowerment and Development (GeED) an organization she contributed  in setting up, which currently works on School related Gender Based Violence.

For over 20 years, KUMICHII has worked with civil society in Cameroon and Africa developing policies and projects at international, national and local levels with farmers, women, youth, persons with disabilities, students associations, Religious institutions, government Institutions, etc. She belongs to different networks nationally and internationally and has been actively involved in lobbying and advocacy at all levels. She has participated in national and international conferences and has gained much experience from her participation in 5 World Social Fora in different countries. She has also presented the following papers:
Ø  Strategies to close gender gaps in Cameroon during political dialogue by FES Cameroon
Ø  Beijing +15: The reality and the unfinished Business, published by FES and GeED, 2012
Ø  Local Power and Women´s Rights: Potentials and Constraints of Decentralization Processes for Gender Equality - the Cameroon case in Bonn, Germany, November 2009
Ø  Need for early warning – up-coming elections  and participation of women in Cameroon, Berlin Germany, May 2009
Ø  Gender equality in Africa – During the EU-Africa Strategy , Nairobi 2009
Ø  Poverty and its consequences on women in the North West Region and some attempts towards its alleviation, during the International day of the women, 2001
Ø  Entrepreneurship for girls and women, during the Business Development forum organized by the Presidency of Cameroon for youths and women of the North West Region.
Ø  Customs and practices that violet women’s rights and inflict psychological and physical violence on women during the International day of the women in Fundong sub division.
Ø  The family as the smallest unit of the society presented during the celebration of the day of the Family in Bamenda – 1997
Ø  Sexual abuse on the girl child, during the day of the African child in 1997
Inspired by her 25 years of experience in her worldwide networking on issues of development and her fieldwork, she has gained broad knowledge on the importance of gender and human rights to the development process.

She has also participates in co writing of alternative report to the CPR committee and has participated also in the review of Cameroon by the UN Human Rights Committee in 2010. She also participated in co-writing of the shadow report to ESCR committee and participated in the review process of Cameroon by the Committee in 2011.

 Prof. Guide and Mentor Of  Dr.NDICHIA Tilder Kumichii and Evaluated  By :- 
Prof. Dr. Benard Etta ,
 The Commissioned International Governor Of AUGP