Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Eminent Scientist His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan,Conferred Doctorate Degree and Prestigious Award " ACADEMY AWARD " For Establishing Global Peace upon Dato' H.E. Prof. Dr. Prof.Dr.Zahidul Haque of Malaysia

Eminent Scientist His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan, The Founder and Chairman Of " ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE " - AUGP ; Conferred Doctorate Degree and  Prestigious Award " ACADEMY AWARD " For Establishing Global Peace  upon  Dato' H.E. Prof. Dr. Prof.Dr.Zahidul Haque
 on the basis of the resolution passed by the World Governing Counsel of AUGP in 70 Nations.  

A brief Profile Of Dato' Prof.Dr.Zahidul Haque

Prof.Dr.Zahidul Haque is the Dean of Medicine in Open international University of Complementary Medicine in Malaysia.Head of Research of the Nanotechnology in Nanopac.He is the Advisor of Bangladesh Flying Academy & General Aviation.He is the Advisor of the Vistajet Luxury private jet and Advisor of the Blue Lines Aviation.

 Prof.Dr.Zahidul Haque  was the Advisor to the H.E Ambassador of the Republic of Guinea in Malaysia and Head of Consulate of the Republic of Guinea in Dhaka.He is also President of the Royal Academy of the United Nations for the Whole Asia.He is the Ambassador to Malaysia from the International Human Rights observatory(IHRO) and Ambassador of the International human Rights Commission(IHRC) and Helping Hands International,Ambassador of United Refugee green Council(URGC)

Prior to that, he worked as a faculty in few Universities and Colleges in USA,Japan,Australia,Bangladesh in namely the University of Newcastle,Victoria University,The SEISA University,The Monash University, The Z.H.Sikder Women,s Medical College and Hospital,Bangladesh Medical College and Hospital,Northern Medical College and Hospital,Centre for Medical Education(CMU),Mandy Dental College and Hospital,Jeffrey Institute of science and Technology for many years. He also worked at the UNDP project and Bangladesh Flying Academy & General Aviation as a Chief Medical Officer for couple of years. He taught courses in Medicine and business administration and Diplomacy for 10 years.

Prof.Dr.Zahidul Haque is the  First Bangladeshi who established  voice communication with Astronaut Bill McArthur  on board of International Space Station (ISS) from Bangladesh on 18th February 2006 by his call sign S21VA/A52VA .He is the Vice President  of the Bangladesh Amateur Radio League(BARL)  and working as South Asia Advisor of the International Radio Emergency Support Coalition(IRESC) and Advisor of the Astronomical Society of Bangladesh.He is the Chairman of Village Reconstruction Institute(VRI),a humanitarian organization of Bangladesh.He was the President of the Bangladesh Teacher,s Student,s Welfare Association. He is a life member and Aviator(Captain) of theBangladesh flying Academy and General Aviation,Association of Medical Education, American Amateur HAM Radio Feld Hell Club and the Dhaka University Alumni Association, Dhaka.

Prof.Dr.Zahidul Haque is a columnist, a researcher and an activist. He has published papers and articles both in professional journals as well as in others.He has produced and directed 
Health shows in  Bangladesh Televison(BTV),Bangladesh Betar (Radio), Channel-I, channel-1.Prof.Dr.Zahidul Haque was Awarded as Datuk,Dato',Datu Baron and Dato' Sri from the Royal palace of Malaysia,Indonesia,Philippines for his Humanitarian works in Home and Abroad.

Prof.Dr.Zahidul Haque has a PhD in Public Health and PhD from Royal Academy for Science & Technology and an MBA in business administration from the Newcastle University,MBBS from University of Dhaka,LL.B & LL.M in Law from National University,an MPH in Public health,CFPC from Canada,FAAFP,FACE, from USA,FRSPH from UK.

 Posted By :- Dato' Prof.Dr.Zahidul Haque