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World News | New York | His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan and H.E. Amb. Dr. Shefki Hysa and all the Board of Governors Of AUGP /UNUGP USA in 120 Countries have expressed their Heartiest Congratulation To Dr. Kailash Bihari Singh for his Doctorate Degree (Honoris Causa) In Humanity and Social Services From The American University , USA On 28thFeb in Goa along with Nelson Mandela Peace Award 2020 From Nelson Mandela Peace Academy (Affiliated By AUGP USA )  ;  Email  ; 

Dr. Kailash Bihari Singh , is a World Reputed   
philanthropist , Poet, Humanitarian Worker , & Social Activists . In his Speech he very emotionally spoke about his Role Model Hero ,his father Late Shyam Narayan Singh 

 Late Shyam Narayan Singh: The Great freedom fighter, Social reformer, crusader of peace and communal harmony, youngest MLA of his time and to fulfil his dream, vision and work, his son Dr. Kailash Bihar Singh & The Shyam Narayan Singh foundation is on mission mode.


Babu Shyam Narayan Singh was born on 24 Jan 1901. He came in contacts with Great Martyr Chandra Shekhar Azad's Group.

But after the counselling by Babu Anugrah Narayan Singh, a prominent leader and very close friend to his father, Shyam Narayan Singh joined congress and fought assembly election in 1937 from Bihar Rural East Constituency and won as youngest MLA in the History.

 He was MLA till 1952 general election,

 He was holding number of posts and responsibilities such as - Parliamentary Secretary to Dr. Sri Krishna Singh (Chief Minister of his time), Senate Member of Patna University and Chairman Dist Board etc.

He established middle school and high school in his village Bind, Nalanda (Bihar) and also high school in Sewdah Nalanda (Bihar) in the name of Dr. Rajendra Prasad who was made President of the school till he became the First President of Independent India.

 Journey to jail...

 He was imprisoned for 9 months’ in 1939 where he was the only MLA ever to be put behind bars. He was imprisoned again for a year in 1940 followed by his longest duration of imprisonment in 1942.

He had a shoot at sight order against him along with Rs.5000 as reward on his arrest.

 It was a historic moment on 11th August Shyam Narayan Singh gathered the youth and dared to appear along with his friend. Jagat Babu.... Shyam Babu's Last speech was -like lion's roaring that ignited the youth and resulted, hoisting the tri colour where 7 youths were shot down. In commemoration 7 Shaheed Statue was unveiled in 1947. And finally he was sent to jail for 2 years with rigorous punishment.

 He is called Crusader of communal harmony and peace.

 In 1946 when Shyam Babu’s father passed away, he got occupied with the rituals, At the same time communal riots was spreading in all parts of the country.

His native district was also badly affected.

 Shyam Babu was shocked to see the brutality of the riots and so he took a daring decision to protest and to establish peace and avoiding the killings of human beings.

He asked entireMuslim community of his district to take shelter in his family temple garden, where he served them food which was kept for his father’s rituals, deputed his personal guards and patrolled by himself on Horse day and night for 5 days and saved 6000 lives which are equivalent to 21000 lives in proportion. If population wise number’s are considered. This has never ever happened in the history on the planet Earth but sad, the world only recognised when some unfortunate happened whether it is Pearl Harber, Nagasakhi , Heroshima and Jalian Wala Bag but saving the lives and avoiding killings of huge lives of male, female and children gone unnoticed by the World and Shyam Narayan singh remained unsung Hero.

Government tried to honour Shyam Babu on several occasions, but he was different, he said ...I was meant for Peace and Harmony, Justice to Mankind.

Postage Stamp On Him

Finally, government of India acknowledged it and issued postage stamp on 24th Jan 2012 on his 111th birth anniversary.

“Nepal should had been ours”

Nepal was disturbed and It was also in the eyes of Sardar Patel who wished Nepal to be a part of India.

That happened when Nepal Naresh Maharaja Tribhuvan was in touch with Indian Embassy.

Shyam Babu MLA and parliamentary Secretary to CM and Sir CPN Singh Indian Ambassador af Nepal (a closed friend) of Shyam Babu, Tried to architect, merger of Nepal in India. Maharaja Tribhuvan knew Shyam Babu and His brilliant drafting, political vision and technical ability, he called him through Sir CPNSingh at Nepal Embassy Where Maharaja was taking shelter and then he started writing the draft of merger of Nepal with India as per the wish of Maharaja.

Finally, Shyam Babu and sir CPNmet PM Nehru with excitement.

But Nehru disagreed with Shyam Babu and Sir CPN Singh, Nehru’s thought was that Nepal will never be a part of India as it will remain a buffer zone between India and China.

Just imagine- what would have happened If Nepal would have been a state of India.

Former President Late Dr. Pranab Mukherjee had mentioned it in his book, recently released.

But in Feb 2016 this inside story was published in a newspaper.

A very special work of unsung hero remained

Unsung, unnoticed. Perhaps the draft deed is still in Britain’s Library.

Till his last coin, he worked for Peace, Harmony, Education and Eradication of poverty.

So Shyam Babu is yesterday, today and will remain tomorrow.

Following the footsteps of Shyam Babu, his children Shri Kumud Bihari Singh,Dr. Kailash Bihari Singh  along with his grandson’s ShriKundan Krishnan (ADGP, Bihar), Er. PrabhakarShyam, Er. Kumar Nishant, &Er. Sanjiv Kumar. Established Shyam Babu’s statue in his village Bind, Nalanda on 24th January 2018 unveiled by Deputy Chief Minister Shri Shushil Modi, Shri. R.C.P Singh along with MP of Nalanda, MLA of Bind & other dignitaries along with villagers & visitors.

His sons, Shri Kumud Bihari Singh, started re-inventing lost wisdom and work of Shyam Babu and Dr. Kailash Bihari Singh has established a foundation on his father’s name: The Shyam Narayan Singh foundation (RGTD) with a mission to fulfil the dream and vision of late Shyam Babu for Education to all, Eradication of poverty, communal harmony, Enhancing physical & mental health of common people and marriages of poor girls and mission of peace on mother planet.

Dr. Kailash Bihari Singh is taking forward his work along with his friend Er. S.R.F. Yusuf (Ex deputy Director DD bihar).

The Foundation is fortunate and blessed with elderly advice and patronage by eminent personalities of Bihar.

The Shyam Narayan Singh Foundation and work of Dr. Kailash Bihari Singh has been recognized by the Gandhi Peace Foundation, Doctorate and Peace award on 8th of February 2021. And By the American University Doctor of Philosophy, certificate of Excellence and Nobel Peace award 2020 on 28th February by HONOURABLE DR. MADHU KRISHNAN JI in Goa in the presence of  Dr Raj Tak , Rev. Immanuel Joshua , Film Actress Dr. Zhareen Khan , Tennis Player  Padmashree Awardee Dr. Leander Peas , Wrestling Champion Dr. Sangram Singh , Army Officers Col. Shailendera Singh, Officers from Army, Navey, Airforce & many World reputed dignitaries.   

Through his Poem , Dr. Kailash Bihari Singh has expressed his  thanks with gratitude to His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan  Who is the is the Founder and Chairman Of  The American University For Global Peace USA  ; CHAIRMAN CUM CHIEF RECTOR OF UNITED NATION UNIVERSITY FOR GLOBAL PEACE – USA ( UNUGP USA ) , Cum The Chairman Of UNITED NATION GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION ( UNGDO ) & The Honry. Chairman Of DIPLOMATIC MISSION Europe  and  Balkans ;

Posted By :- Director General Of AUGP USA & UNUGP USA & DIplomatic Mission Europe (DMPP ) Amb. Dr. Dylbere Dika Erta Poetja