Tuesday, April 6, 2021

World News | New York | His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan and H.E.Dr. S. Kiwi Kalloo and Prof. Dr. Lakshman Madhurasinghe along with all the Board of Governing Council Of Governors , Directors ,Senators Of AUGP /UNUGP USA in 120 Countries have expressed their Heartiest Congratulation To Hon'ble Mr. MANIISH MEHRA for his induction as Goodwill Ambassador in the Board of AUGP USA and UNUGP .

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Brief Profile Of Hon'ble Mr. MANIISH MEHRA

Mr. Mehra is an accomplished Business Professional who ventured in the area of commodities and financial field and dealt with a few well renowned companies worldwide. In 2011, the group diversified and floated a dedicated management consultancy firm – VAAMAA FOREX Services Private Limited – offering management consultancy services for aspiring project owners seeking innovative and alternative project financing solutions. In the year 2015, the group entered into a Joint Venture with The Pintus Group LLC and floated a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) – TPGVFSPJV LLC, registered in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

 In 2011 – was appointed as Director in VAAMAA FOREX Services Private Limited

In 2012 – was appointed as Director – India – The Pintus Group LLC, USA

In 2014 – was appointed as Vice President- India – The Pintus Group LLC, USA

In 2015 – was appointed as Chairman –TPGVFSPJV LLC

Now Hon'ble Mr. MANIISH MEHRA   is inducted as The Goodwill Ambassador of AUGP  and UNUGP  USA with effect from 06th April'2021 , heralding a new global alliance with Pintus group that would usher a new era for mankind !!

Posted By :- Director General Of AUGP USA & UNUGP USA & DIplomatic Mission Europe (DMPP ) Amb. Dr. Dylbere Dika Erta Poetja