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World News | New York | Padmashree Dr. Kalpana Saroj who is the old Alumni of our The American University USA is inducted in AUGP USA Groups of Global Peace Universities as AMBASSADOR AT LARGE to represent all our organizations, Universities in all the Countries . Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan The Chairman Cum Chief Rector / Chancellor ,Prof. Dr. Lakshman Madhurasinghe the Vice Chancellor and all the Governors , Senate Members and the Governing Council has expressed their thanks with gratitude and greeted the Padmashree Awardee from The Hon'ble President Of India Her Excellency Dr. Kalpana Saroj to become the AMBASSADOR AT LARGE of The American University USA , UN University USA and AUGP USA Groups having branches in more than 120 Countries .  ;  ;  Email ;

Padmashree Amb.Dr. Kalpana Saroj With His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan 
with Sign Of Global Peace - Flying Like Dove Beyond Boundaries 

Brief Profile Of  Padmashree Amb.Dr. Kalpana Saroj 

Ambassador Dr. Kalpana Saroj

Chairperson – Kamani Tubes Limited ;  CMD – The Kalpana Saroj Global Aviation Pvt. Ltd. ( KSGA) ; Kalpana Builders & Developers ; Kalpana Saroj & Associate K S Creation ( Film Production ) ; Sai Krupa Sugar Factory ; Member Of Governors IIM ; Ex Director Of Bharathiya Mahila Bank .

I strongly feel that the bright future of our country lies in identifying and nurturing young talent; both female and male from diverse backgrounds and by empowering them.

My principles: Strength in adversity, Honesty above profitability, Betterment of theI strongly feel that the bright future of our country lies in identifying and nurturing young talent; both female and male from diverse backgrounds and by empowering them.

downtrodden and, Action rather than oration.

My mission: World peace, Women empowerment, Social justice for the oppressed and Self- employment


Woman Extraordinaire: A look at the life and times of Padma Shri Dr. Kalpana Saroj

Key Achievements: Padma Shri in Trade and Industry, by the President of India. Nari Shakti Award by the President of India, Award from Vice President of Nepal at SAARC conference.

An Iron Lady with the nerves of steel, heres a look at the tumultuous and fascinating life of Padma Shri Dr. Kalpana Saroj.

Kalpana Saroj, the CEO and leader of a billion-dollar empire of Kamani Tubes is a force to reckon with, she is the epitome of women empowerment and is widely regarded as one of the leading women entrepreneurs of our country.

While she keeps kicking ass on all fronts, her life is nothing short of a blockbuster Bollywood movie.


Personal life & Early origins

Kalpana Saroj was born on 7th January 1958 in Village-Repat kheda, Taluka-Murtizapur, District

Akola, Maharashtra. Her father late Shri. Mahadev Chandraban Warule and Mother late Parvati Mahadev Warule belonged to the lower middle class. Kalpana Saroj studied up to SSC at the Government School, Akola.

Life took a turn when she had to marry at a tender age of 12 due to pressure from family members, later after a bad marriage she had to start her life against insurmountable odds.

To support her family, she started working for a factory at a meagre salary of Rs 2 and with hard work, determination and leadership quality went on to develop her first venture for which she arranged funds through government schemes and started the Furniture Manufacturing Business in Ulhasnagar, Dist.Thane.

Kalpana always saw the bigger picture, when the Furniture Market was slowing down, she managed funds and took a small parcel of disputed land in Kalyan and with her hard work she cleared all the disputes levied on the land and developed the property. This was her first step in Real Estate which then blossomed into Kalpana Builders and Developers which went on to develop multiple properties in Kalyan- Ulhasnagar areas.

Dr. Saroj always believe in humanity, with her social activities she also started helping other unemployed youngsters, she formed Sushikshit Berozgar yuvak sanghatna (Rashtriya Ekta Yuva munch). This organization helped the youth to avail the funds from government schemes, it helped many women to start their own business like Sewing, beauty parlours etc.

During her busy schedule in real estate and social activities, few workers came to meet Dr. Saroj for help to get their dues cleared from their defunct Company “Kamani Tubes Ltd”. The workers seemed to have complete faith in her that she can surely do something to rescue them.

Only with a determination to help these poor workers she accepted the challenge and formed a team and prepared a scheme to revive one of Indias most historical company with 140 litigation cases and 116crores liability and a divided worker union.

People were thinking that this was the foolest step she has taken, but she has a gut feeling that she can help these workmen and revive the sick company.

She took over the company in the year 2006 and paid all dues of Workmen and creditors, today the company is out of SICA and flourishing under the leadership of Dr. Kalpana Saroj. The company has also participated in Make in India the dream of our Hon. Prime Minister and is now investing more than 100crores in the expansion of the manufacturing facility.

Dr. Saroj is always active in her social activities; she was the first lady who brought it to notice to Hon.PM about the sale of Dr.Ambedkar residence in London. Hon. Prime Minister of India kept no stone unturned in purchasing this historical property which is a pilgrimage for Dalits all around the world. Hon. Prime Minister in his speech at Vigyan Bhavan also appreciated efforts of Dr. Kalpana Saroj in purchasing this house.

Kalpana Saroj Foundation in collaboration with Permanent Mission of India to United Nations successfully celebrated 125th Birth Anniversary of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar in United Nations in 2016 at their headquarter’s in the USA.

Her achievements are as much a result of her efforts as her principles. Strength in adversity, honesty above profitability, the betterment of the downtrodden and action rather than oration are the values she lives by. And it is her lifes mission to work for world peace, women empowerment, social justice for the downtrodden and

Self-employment. Women like Kalpana Saroj are rare and truly a nations pride.


To channelize her desire to shape a better world, Kalpana Saroj established the eponymous Kalpana Saroj Foundation in 2010. The objectives were many, but the determination to achieve the steadfast. This has taken the Foundation from strength to strength over the years.

Objectives of the Foundation -

Spread awareness on environment protection. Guide youngsters for agricultural development. Organise educational camps. Conduct cleanliness drives. Organise medical camps.

Empower women.

Spread awareness on environment protection. Guide youngsters for agricultural development. Organise educational camps. Conduct cleanliness drives. Organise medical camps.


                    Formed an organisation for unemployed youth in Maharashtra

                    Helped youngsters to get funds for start-ups

                    Guided youngsters regarding government schemes & entrepreneurship development

                    Helped youngsters to get auto permits & availed funds to buy autorickshaws

                    Established Rashtriya Ekta Yuva Manch

                    Enabled women to start small scale businesses

                    Organised many activities to protect the rights of the downtrodden women in Maharashtra

                    Organised several seminars, workshops for the unemployed youths of Maharashtra

                    Distributed books to poor students locally

                    Organised health camps, health awareness programmes & blood donation camps in the tribal areas of Thane district

                    Provided food, medicines, financial & material help to the needy patients.

                    Organised the 1st International Buddhist Conference- 2005 in Mumbai

                    Organised the 2550 International Buddha Jayanti Celebration at the Gateway of India in collaboration with the State Government of Maharashtra

                    Organised the International Buddha Jayanti Celebration at Kalyan

                    Organised the International Candlelight Festival at Kashti & Ulhasnagar in 2010

                    Co-organised the International Dhammadiksha Celebration at the Racecourse, Mumbai

                    Made concentrated efforts to initiate the purchase of Dr B. R. Ambedkar’s house in London (Historial)

                    Distributed medicine & food at a hospital in Bangalore for disable

                    Distributed Bodhi tree at a conference in Japan

                    Distributed Food, ration kit in pandemic COVID-19


Kalpana Saroj aims to continue the good work & scale up the activities & accomplishments of the Foundation that is closest to her heart.

Padama Shri Dr. Kalpana Saroj has always been inspired by the work & social reform brought by Dr

AMBEDKAR to our Indian society. Kalpana Saroj was born in a Buddhist family two years after Dr Ambedkars death in 1956. When she first arrived in the city, she worked as a seamstress for Rs. 2 a day. She then took a loan, turned entrepreneur and finally worked her way up the ladder.

Inspired by Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar life she was also determined to fight for the justice of the poor and needy. She set her foot in the social welfare at an early age of 17 years. Saroj has always been an independent woman and so she thinks it is vital for each individual to be self-dependent. In 1980, she started her Kalpana Saroj Foundation which was predominantly involved in providing jobs to the educated mass of our Indian society. The foundation not only helped the literate unemployed but also started taking efforts & spreading awareness about different loan schemes introduced by the government so that it helped the less educated ones to start their own business. Saroj also approached the Mahatma Phule Magas Varg Vikas Mahamandal & helped our educated youth to acquire a loan from five thousand to five lakh rupees.

From being a child bride to an entrepreneur & a social worker, Saroj had gained a lot of popularity among many women who faced difficulty in their personal lives. In 1995, she came across a lot of women who had been exploited in the name of chit fund. Many women also committed suicide so that they can escape the torture, and youngsters were moving to criminal activities due to financial problem at home. Kalpana Saroj was determined to put an end to this cruelty & with the support of Late. Shri Gopinath Munde she succeeded in her fight towards ending the exploitation of women.

In 2000, workers of Kamani Tubes came to Saroj entreating her to save the Company and their livelihood. On 21st March when Saroj took over the ailing Company it had a debt of 116 crores & 140 litigation cases filed against it. In 2006, Saroj was appointed the chairman of Kamani Tubes & within a year she had completely cleared the debts & bank loan of the Company. Even after proving herself as a successful entrepreneur she never failed to set her heart towards the underprivileged ones.

Kalpana Saroj leads an extremely disciplined life and works 16 hours a day. As a result of her hardworking nature & great business acumen, she has been awarded the “Padma Shri for Trade and Industry in 2013”. She was also Honoured with Nari Shakti award in 2019. She was also appointed to the board of directors of Bhartiya Mahila Bank, a bank primarily for women by the Government of India.

Notable Contribution of Foundation:

On October 14th, 1956 Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar gave DhammaDiksha to lakhs of his followers in Nagpur, he also had a dream to organise a same Dhamma Diksha program in Mumbai, but unfortunately, he passed away on 6th December 1956.

We at Kalpana Saroj Foundation are glad that we had an opportunity to fulfil his vision with the support of our Hon. MP.Shri Ramdasji Athavale Saheb. Tens of thousands of people converted into Buddhism at this gathering in Mumbai. Many International monks and Late chief Minister Mr Vilasraoji Deshmukh, Honourable R.R. Patil had graced the occasion. We have been involved in social work and represented many national and international conferences, Kalpanaji had also attended the International Conference in Malaysia, Singapore and where she was representing India for the World Peace Conference in the USA. Kalpana Saroj Foundation had organised the 1st International Buddhist Conference in Kalyan, our Ex. Prime minister Mr.Vishwanath Pratapsingh was the chief guest along with many notable personalities. Through the foundation, kalpanaji is also associated with Dhammakaya Foundation actively working for World Peace, we have organised many Meditation Camps in Mumbai, along with that the foundation has organised the Candle Light Festival in Maharashtra in collaboration with Dhammakaya Foundation, Thailand.

Kalpanaji was also felicitated with Buddha Kunupakan Award in 2011 and the World Buddhist Leader award in 2016, in Thailand. In 2016, Indian Government had declared a special Social & Justice Year to mark the occasion of 125th Birth Anniversary of Dr B.R. Ambedkar; it’s was a proud moment for all of us that we celebrated the 125th anniversary of Bharat Ratna Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar at United Nations Headquarters, USA. He had a long-cherished dream that the grievances of the depressed shall be addressed at this esteemed forum of United Nations, and we are glad that after consistent efforts of Kalpana Saroj Foundation in collaboration with Permanent Mission of India to United Nations celebrated the historical and glorious event took place. July 2014, was one of the more remarkable years for Padmashri Dr. Kalpana Saroj as she happened to visit Dr Ambedkars house in London at King Henry Road where she was thrilled to know that the house was up for sale. She thought of buying the house with the help of other Dalit organization but it cost a whopping Rs. 40 crores that hardly any Buddhist organization could afford. However, Kalpana Saroj was determined to buy it at any cost as this house was the one which witnessed Babasahebs hard work & determination of completing a 6-year course in 2 years. Kalpana Saroj spent the next 6 months approaching the prominent members of Buddhist community & central & state government officials. She met our National Security Advisor Ajit Doval who importuned both Congress & the BJP govt. in Maharashtra. Saroj also visited our Hon. Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modiji on 31st December 2014 to convince him to acquire Dr Ambedkar’s historical home in London. And as she says, it just took an hour meeting for Shri Honorable Narendra Modiji to make up his mind and give a heads up for the purchase. Meanwhile, when she visited Dr Ambedkar’s house she got to know that the house would be sold off any moment thus, she immediately got in touch with the owners in London & expressed Indian government’s interest in buying the place. Kalpana Saroj’s happiness knew no bounds when in September 2015, Dr Ambedkar’s house was bought by Maharashtra State Govt. It was inaugurated by our Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modiji in November the same year. Shri Narendra Modiji in his speech also added that” He gives all the credit to Kalpana Saroj for awakening the Government of India towards acquiring our beloved leader Dr Ambedkar’s house in London. However, Kalpana Saroj is all praises about our Prime Minister for his support & respect towards “Bahujan Samaj”. According to Padma Shri Kalpana Saroj, she believes in the principles of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar that, “Life should be great rather than long”. Kalpana Saroj is indeed a great inspiration for our entire team. We feel great pride in being associated with the foundation.

Awards and Recognition






                    World Buddhist Outstanding Awards 2016 at Thailand

                    Honored with Excellence Award for Outstanding Indian Entrepreneur in year 2019 at House of Commons British Parliament by Lord Bhikhu Parikh and Lord Dolar Popat

                    Special Honor by Vice President of Nepal Shri Nanda Kishore Pun at International Women Entrepreneur Summit 2019

organised by the South Asian Women Development Forum.

                    Vasant Naik Pratishthan Award given by the Governor in Governor House. - 1st May 2013.

                    Buddha kunupakan Award from (Chai chidcho) Pre.of the National assembly Spkr. Of the house representative kingdom of

the Thailand parliament of Bangkok. - 2011

                    Hirkani Award given by the Durdarshan Mumbai, For 1st Buddhist industrialist women of India in 2008.

                       Ninth Annual Rajiv Gandhi National Award for Woman Entrepreneurs - 2006.

                    Jhalkaridevi Award given by Parliament Speaker Ms. Meerakumar on 1st Dec 2006.

                    Ojaswini Alankaran Award (Jhansi ki Rani) from Chief Minister of Bhopal. Hon. Dr. Raman Singh on12th Jan 2014.

                    Women Entrepreneur Award from Ex. Home Minister of Maharashtra Hon.Shri Chagan Bhujbal in Buddha Phule Ambedkar

Sahitya Samelan.

                    Received Uma Gourav puraskar in 2014.

                    Received Academic Excellence Award in 2014.

                    Bhim Ratna Award for women entrepreneurs and social work on 26thJan 2014.

                    Doctor Of Philosophy (Ph.D. h.c) in Enterpreneurship by University of Swahili

                    Special Honour given by Lord Buddha Partisan for women achiever in 2013.

                    Suryaadatta National Award from Suryaadatta Foundation puna, for Excellence in the field of corporate sector women

entrepreneur on 7th Feb 2013.                  

Special Honored given by the Senior National & Interstate Carom championship foundation 2012-13, Akola in 3rd March 2013. By the Hon.Palak Dignitaries Manohar Naik.

List Of Awards



By : Bharat Lokdhara, Kalyan


                    DHAMAA MAHILA PARISHAD SANMAN - 2006

By : Dr. Ambedkar Smarak Samitee, Nagpur


                    RAJIV GANDHI AWARD - 2006

By : Maharashtra Pradesh Congress


                    DHAMARATNA AWARD - 2007

By : Akhil Bhartya Buddha Mahasangh, Mumbai


                    DR. B. R. AMBEDKAR AWARD - 2007

By : B. D. C. Commitiee, Kalyan


                    JAGTIK MAHILA DIN AWARD - 2008

By : Kalyan Dombivali Mahanagar Palika


                    SAVITHRIBAI PHULE AWARD - 2008

By : Sanchi Mahila Prabodhani Sanghatana, Mumbai



By : Hal SC/ST Employes & Officer Assoication


                    SOCIO CORPORATE ENTPRENEUR AWARD - 2010

By : College Club Leader Group


                    ISEB AWARD - 2010

By : International Seminar On Budhisum


                    YASHASVINI UDYOSIKA AWARD - 2010

By : Samata Parva Pra_shtan, Yawatmal


                    LAXMIBAI GHOKHALE SMRUTY AWARD - 2011




By : Boudha Vikas Sangh


                    SAMAJBHUSHAN AWARD - 2012

By : Dr. Ambedkar Dharmasabha Samitee, Akola


                    SAMRAT AWARD - 2012

By : Dainik Samrat, Mumbai


                    UGADI PURASKARALU -2013

By : Tirupati City Chamber


                    PADMASHRI AWARD - 2013

By : President, Government of India, New Delhi


                    YUVA SAGAR AWARD - 2013

By : Boudhistva Foundation


                    NAGRI SATKAR - 2013 CIRSO MURTIJAPUR

By : Rajmata Jijau Dyan Prabodhi Pratishthan


                    SURYADATTA NATIONAL AWARD - 2013


                    NAGRI SATKAR - 2013

By : Bharat Lokdhara, Weekly, Kalyan


                    BUSINESS AWARD - 2013

By : RPI Business Conference


                    SANMAN PATRA AWARD - 2014

By : Vasantrao Naik Pratisthan


                    SANMAN PATRA -2013

By : Mitra Mahasangh, Amravati


                    DHAMAARATNA AWARD - 2014

By : Adarsha Vikas Mandal


                    ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARD - 2014

BY : Learn to Live Foundation, USA


                    SAMAJARATNA AWARD - 2014

By : Maharashtra Varta Weekly


                    UMA GAVRAN - 2014

By : Uma Foundation, Kalyan


                    DR. AMBEDKAR UDOGATA AWARD - 2014

By : Mahabodhi Foundation, Amarava_


                    BHARAT RATNA DR. AMBEDKAR AWARD - 2015

By : Dalit Foundation, Kalyan


                    OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION AWARD - 2015

By : I.F.O. Boudhisum Heritage, London


                    SAHYADRI PRERNA AWARD - 2015

By : Doordarshan



By : Suprem Sangh Council, Thailand


                    VISHESH SANMAN - 2016

By : Dadasaheb Gavai Nagri Satkar Samitee, Kalyan


                    SAMAJ RATNA AWARD - 2016

BY : Akil Jaiswar Vikas Sangha, Mumbai


                    ADARSHA MAHILA AWARD - 2016

By : Daily Thane Vaibhav


                    VISHESH SANMAN AWARD - 2016

BY : Boudhajan Panchayat Samitee, Kalyan


                    CHATRAPATI AWARD - 2016

By : Shivaji Mudra, Mumbai


                    RASTRA SEVAK SANMAN - 2017

By : Harmony Life Science C.A., Nanded


                    WE HONOUR YOU AWARD - 2017

By : Alma Leasr’s Health Management Pvt. Ltd.

                    BHARATRATNA DR. AMBEDKAR AWARD - 2017

By : Boudha Creation of Indian Cinema


                    BHIMRATNA PURASKAR - 2017

By : Dharmatma Foundation


                    JIVAN GAURAV PURASKAR - 2017

By : Adv. Jayanand Mohite Foundation, Mumbai


                    SAMAJ RATNA AWARD - 2017

By : Balshastri Jambhekar Patrakar Sangh


                    ‘JITE HAI SHANSE’ AWARD - 2018

By : Indian Achivers Sanman


                    RECOGNIZERS AWARD - 2018

By : Indo - America Society


                    FLO AWARD - 2018

By : F.I.C.C.I. Delhi Chapter


                    AWARD OF HONOUR - 2018

By : Sri Guru Ravidas Misssion


                    DHARMADOOT PURASKAR

By : Lok Kalawant Sanskrutk Manch, Vashi


                    NARI SHAKTI AWARD - 2019

By : President of India (National Women Conclave MHDU)



By : Vice President of Nepal


                    WOMEN OF WORTH - 2019

By : OutLook Business


                    SHODH MARATHI MANCHA AWARD

By : Jagtik Marathi Academy


                    UDYOG RATNA AWARD

By : Bahujan Gramin Parivartan Sanstha, Dahisar


                    ‘TUJSE NARAJ NAHI JINDGI’ (Inspiring life stories)

By : Free Mantle Media

                    “KISSEY KAMYABI KE” AWARD

By : Reliance Commercial Finance



By : Buddhagupakan Kanch.....



By : Dr. Ambedkar International Mission, USA


                    AWARD OF LEADERSHIP

By : Eash Waribai Memorial Trust, Hyderabad



By : Women Economics Forum


                    BUSINESS EXCELLENCE AWARD - 2019

By : Indian Business Group


                    BHIMRATNA PURASKAR - 2019

By : All India Sc/St Employees Welfare Association,



                    NARI SHAKTI SANMAN

By : Amerine Production, IAWA


                    BHARAT SEVA SAMVED AWARD - 2019

By : Your Unfinching Power, Surat


                    DARE TO DREAM AWARD - 2019

By : Zee Business, Mumbai



By : All India SC/ST Officers Welfare Association


                    “ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA” AWARD

By : India News, Mumbai


                       SANMAN AWARD

By : Astitva News Channel


                    “THE HER AWARD”

By : Hope Empower Rise

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