Monday, October 3, 2022

World News | New York | His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan appointed as STATE MINISTER OF UNITED TAINO FIRST NATION by His Excellency Hon'ble Chief President HRH Ahyalawan G Guazabara & Hon'ble Prime Minister HRH Dr. Percy Tamayo  | | 

St. Thomas US Virgin Islands press release  

Seneko Kakona 

Hon'ble Prime Minister HRH Dr. Percy Tamayo had initiated the official process of the appointment


of His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan as STATE MINISTER OF UNITED TAINO FIRST NATION and ultimately the Hon'ble President and Chief 
HRH Cacique Ahyalawan Guazabara has given his final approval and appointed His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan as The STATE MINISTER OF UNITED TAINO FIRST NATION 

HRH President & Chief
 Cacique Ahyalawan Guazabara

I Cacique Ahyalawan Guazabara chief president of the United Taino  First Nation would like to extend a warm welcome to our acting Minister of State. His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan whose  timeless humanitarian efforts have spanned the globe. Dr. Madhu Krishan is eminent scientist, educator and constitutional rights activist eminent social reformer environmentalist /scientist . Founder and chairman AUGP USA - The American University USA and Chief Rector of  the United University for Global Peace USA. Dr. Krishan holds numerous humanitarian Awards on a national and international scale. His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan  was from first ever Indian origin was awarded the US President's Lifetime Achievement Award from Barack Obama in 2016 for 30 years of dedicated humanitarian and sustainable development/ His Statue in bronze metal is also installed in the historical European museum 
. As the United Taino First Nation we look forward to working side-by-side to develop our indigenous people's ability to become self sustainable and economically equal. Thank you Dr. Madhu Krishan and welcome aboard. 


Official PRESS RELEASED FROM His Excellency Hon;ble Chief President  HRH Ahyalawan G Guazabara

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